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Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

What defines a good outdoor jacket?

Every outdoor jacket has it’s pro’s and con’s. At NOHO agency we know what to look for. Do you want quality, are looking for for a light, windproof and/or waterproof and breathable jacket? And as a dog owner, prefer one with handy extra pockets? In our search for the perfect outdoor jacket for dog owners, we teamed-up with Owney Outdoor. This fall in their range of reliable outdoor jackets: the same high quality in familiar and new designs and extra colours.

A jacket for every adventure

A good outdoor jacket is not only windproof and / or waterproof, but also breathable. You want the perspiration to escape through the fabric to the outside. Otherwise you get soaked with sweat along the way. You don’t have to worry about that at Owney Outdoor. For that reason alone, Owney Outdoor stands out within the tangle of outdoor jackets. And certainly for dog owners. Owney Outdoor offers windstoppers, parkas, winter coats, waterproof rain coats and softshell and fleece jackets. The jackets do not feel heavy, are comfortable and are equipped with handy removable bags and a treat and plastic bag dispenser. Perfect for those who want to go out with the dog!

Three types of jackets

Owney Outdoor broadly divides its assortment into three categories – so you always know that you are using the right jacket for an outdoor activity:

Daily Life – Smart clothes for every day of the week, such as your daily walks with the dog.

Dog sport – Functional clothing for sports activities (with your dog), such as running with the dog.

Active outdoor – Robust and functional clothing for all outdoor adventures with or without a dog, such as long walks.

New to our collection

This fall, Owney Outdoor is adding extra color to their existing and trusted range:

– Albany is a long, padded and robust ladies’ parka with hood. Waterproof and windproof with a breathable coating, fully tapes seams and a two-way zipper. Now available in the colours: anthracite, grape, baltic blue, green and marine.

– Senda is a long three-in-one women’s jacket (including fleece inner jacket). Waterproof and windproof with a breathable coating, fully taped seams, large dummy pocket, four front pockets, ventilation under the arms, reflectors and two-way zipper. And now available in the colours: cedar green and petrol.

– Ilu is a water and windproof padded ladies jacket with hood, a breathable coating, fully taped seams and a two-way zip. Now available in the colour: black.

– Taraq is a long unisex thermal jacket, water and windproof with fully taped seams, breathable coating, integrated hood and a two-way zipper. Now available in the colours: black and green.

– Arctic is an extra long parka for women with a thicker padding and a detachable hood. Waterproof and windproof, breathable coating, fully taped seams and a two-way zipper. Now available in the colours: cherry red, black, grey and indigo.

Want a brochure or place an order?

Want to know more about the outdoor clothing by Owney Outdoor? Or see and feel them? Give us a call at +31(0)6 109 104 63 or send us a mail at

Reliable outdoor jackets by Owney Outdoor
Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

Meet Pomppa!

Pomppa is the latest addition to brands represented by NOHO agency. With these beautiful dog coats you can make any dog ​​happy, because you can wrap them nicely and protect them against moisture and cold. But Pomppa means so much more …

Finnish tradition

“Pomppa” is an old Finnish word that refers to an old-fashioned woolen overcoat. Such a jacket protects you against the cold in the winter and against the heat in the summer. So it’s the ultimate jacket that fits comfortably in all weather conditions. That is also the basis of our new Pomppa brand: dog coats that sit comfortably in every season and ensure that your dog can enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather.

Ultimate freedom of movement

With most dog coats on the market, a dog cannot move well. That is completely different with the Pomppa dog coats. They do not limit the movements of the dog and still protect their entire body – from triceps to biceps. The dog coats are specially designed to fit as if they were custom made. Also special: the jackets stay perfectly in place, even when running at full speed. And that without tight rubber bands around the backlegs.

a very strong price-quality ratio

The Pomppa dog coats are made from durable materials and are designed to last for years with daily use. Yet they have an amazingly good value for money. The dog coats come in different stylish colours and in different versions, so that one always matches (the colours of) the season. In the warm versions, the antistatic lining ensures that the fur does not get dirty or tousled. In addition, reflectors ensure that the dog is always clearly visible in the dark.

See for yourself!

Are you also curious about the SadePomppa, KevytPomppa, JumppaPomppa, PerusPomppa or ToppaPomppa? Make sure to check our brochure here to get an idea of the complete assortment. Or give us a call at +31(0)6 109 104 63 or send us a mail at

Meet Pomppa!