Some dogs are always cold and are already start shaking at the first signs of winter. Others might be jumping up and down at the idea of ​​running through the rain – when their owners are less happy about that. Pomppa makes the life dogs and their owners more pleasant and easy. With specially designed dog coats that fit perfectly and move with the dog. Now you can give your dog the extra layer of protection from cold and rain that they need.

Ultimate comfort and freedom of movement
Thanks to the innovative design, the Pomppa dog coats don’t need clumsy straps or elastics bands to stay in place. The ergonomic and colorful dog coats are extremely comfortable and offer enormous freedom of movement for your dog:

• Smart fit that seems tailored for every dog
• Covered from triceps to biceps
• Spacious collar and an opening for the leash
• Antistatic, non-peeling liner and water-repellent outer layers
• Available in various sizes and (seasonal) models

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