A few extra pocket will always come in handy, the founders of AddPocket had the same thought. And why would you strain your shoulders if you can also carry your things on your hips? That’s how AddPocket was born; smart hip bags with handy pockets and (possibly extra) durable, powerful and robust pockets. Perfect for dog trainers, outdoor people and anyone who likes to walk with their hands free – but still wants to have everything with them.

Extra storage space in your pocket

The Swedish AddPocket likes to make life a little easier and more beautiful. With smart hip bags and accessories in elegant Scandinavian design, especially for active people:

  • Timeless (unisex) models in modern colors
  • Lightweight and dirt-repellent
  • Smart use of materials, such as the eco-friendly Neoprene and magnetic closures
  • Easily adjustable and available in various sizes

As per 01/04/2019 we’re no longer the exclusive representation of AddPocket in Benelux and France

AddPocket Extreme
AddPocket Original & Extreme
AddPocket Extreme
AddPocket Original
AddPocket Lively