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Papaya, Choco and a colourful forrest-print for the Pomppa assortment

The Pomppa Dog Coats  are widely loved for their excellent fit and optimal freedom of movement, but they are also known for their extremely fresh colors. In the new autumn-winter collection, the Pomppa palette has been expanded with the cheerful Kartta print – conceived on Dutch soil – and the colors Papaya and Choco.

Exclusive seasonal shades

Always packed warm and dry in always fresh colors. That seems to be the idea behind the color palette of the dog coats from Pomppa. Plum and Graphite are the standard colors of Pomppa and every season the other colors are freshened up. For the “new” colors the same rules always apply: while stocks last. That gives an extra fresh and exclusive touch to Pomppa. For example, the raincoat SadePomppa is now still available in the colors Mint, Pink and Sky, but that may be different halfway through this season or next season. You have to be quick if you still want the JumppaPomppa in the colors Calluna, Dandelion or Juniper in size 65-85.

Take a closer look at the Pomppa brochure

introducing Papaya

This season Pomppa enriches the colour palette of its warm, rainproof dog coats – PerusPomppa and ToppaPomppa – and raincoats for dogs – SadePomppa and KevytPomppa – with the color Papaya and the cheerful print Kartta. That print was created by 24-year-old Finnish illustrator Venla Vaattovaara while she was studying in The Netherlands and was homesick, missing the forests of her home country. The inspiration came from the orientation maps she used in her youth for walks in the woods. The print Karrta is therefore named after the Finnish word for card.

Lovely dog ​​coat in matching color

The JumppaPomppa is a lovely dog ​​coat that fits under all dog coats from Pomppa. Although it can of course also be worn without a jacket on chilly or cold days. The nice thing about the dog sweater is that it stays perfectly in place, does not become static and keeps warm without getting in the way. Truly a classic that every dog ​​owner should have on hand. The dog coat this popular for a reason and this season is available in no less than 10 colours, including the new colours Papaya and Choco.

Want a paper copy of our new brochure? Or place an order?

Orders for both the dog coats and a pile of brochures from the new Pomppa collection can be placed by phone +31(0)6 109 104 63 or via

The new Kartta print fits perfectly with forest walks
Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

Orbiloc celebrates – with a purple light!

Exactly 10 years ago, Anette Kristensen and Jan Jægergaard invented the ultimate safety lights for those who like to walk with their dog or enjoy outdoor sports: the Orbiloc Safety Lights. The Danish design brand is celebrating they anniversary and now offers the lights in no less than 10 different colors!

Always the right color for your customer

Kristensen and Jægergaard think carefully about what you really need as a dog owner and outdoor athlete. With this focus on quality, they reached out to the renowned Danish design company Friis & Moltke for the Orbiloc Safety Lights. They provided the elegant and user-friendly design of the safety lights. And they also found out that users like to see the lamps in different colors. So that they can always choose the perfect color for their trip (for example with the dog). They came up with 10 different colors: 5 signal colors and 5 fashion colors.

Take a closer look at the new Orbiloc brochure

Orbiloc’s 5 signal colors

Red light is associated with tail lights and brake lights on cars and bicycles. And that stands out! Red has the greatest wavelength of any color in the visible spectrum. This makes it easier to see the color from a greater distance than other colors. In addition, red light is gentle on the eyes and does not disturb night vision.

Blue light is associated with police, emergencies and accidents. Road users reduce their speed in blue light, which means that the color can prevent accidents. You don’t see much blue light on the street, which makes it stand out even more.

Green light improves night vision, because it enhances contrast. The human eye also sees the color green earlier than other colors, because we have developed a preference for this color through centuries of evolution in the natural, green world. The color also penetrates the furthest in water.

White light is associated with headlights on cars and bicycles approaching you. That also helps dogs and runners. White light can shine through a thick and long dog coat and can also act as a mini flashlight.

Yellow light is noticeable at night and in fog, because the human eye can distinguish this color from other colors in particular. In addition, the yellow light is gentle on the eyes and therefore useful when walking the dog on a short leash. Road users are also used to this color, for example due to road works.

The 5 fashion colors of Orbiloc

Amber light gives a warm, bright, almost golden glow. The color goes very well with a deep brown coat, but also gives a cozy autumnal feel to a deep green dog coat.

Pink light can be combined with almost any color. It provides a touch of flair and symbolizes energy, passion and fun.

Dark light looks minimalist, futuristic and stylish. The dark safety lights of Orbiloc also have a xenon-like white light that you often see in cars.

Turquoise light is a beautiful mixture of blue and green and is reminiscent of the ocean. It is also a gender-neutral color with zest.

Purple light looks modern and elegant and is of course the color of reflection. It goes perfectly with colorful dog coats and stands out well in the city as well as in the countryside, because you hardly see any purple light here.

Would you like to offer Orbiloc to your customers?

Do you want to bring the complete collection of the Orbiloc Safety Lights into your store? Or add more colours to your collection? Give us a call at +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or email This also applies if you prefer to see a sample of the safety lights.

Orbiloc celebrates their 10th year anniversary and now offers no less than 10 different colours!