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Top 5 smart dog accessories

Fogs in February mean frosts in¬†May and when March has April weather, April will have March¬†weather. In other words: it can freeze and it can thaw in the coming period. That’s why it’s handy to have the right dog accessories in stock. We have summed the top 5 for you.

1. Bathrobe

The Doggy Dry by EQDOG has been an absolute best seller for years and in every season. And that’s because of the fast absorbing microfiber fabric of this bathrobe; it makes your dog dry faster than the average towel or dog bathrobe. After a walk, you simply pull the bathrobe over the head of the dog. This protects your furniture, car, walls and yourself and ensures that your dog also remains nice and warm. Pull on the bathrobe and let the bathrobe do the work. The long belly flap of the bathrobe captures all the moisture that runs from the back down and the top piece covers the back of the dog. With the closures left and right you ensure that the bathrobe fits your dog perfectly.

2. Dog coat

A good dog coat keeps your dog warm and dry, offers optimal freedom of movement and looks beautiful. Add those requirements together and you end up with Pomppa’s dog coats. This Finnish brand specializes in weather-resistant and extremely comfortable clothing for dogs that is pleasing to the eye. Thanks to the innovative design, the high level of comfort is unparalleled; without painful straps or pressing elastic bands, these cheerful dog coats stay perfectly in place.

3. Tube scarf

Did you know that Pomppa also has beautiful turtleneck scarves that are suitable for both dogs and humans? Such a tube scarf will keep you and/or your dog’s neck or head and ears nice and warm. Pomppa has produced the microfibre turtleneck in two fun prints. The fabric breathes, has good stretch and the dimensions are 25 cm x 50 cm.

The Tube Scarf by Pomppa can be worn by dogs and humans in several ways.

4. Lights

Good safety lights are an absolute must in any season when you want to go out for a safe walk in the dark. The Orbiloc Safetly Lights can be easily attached to a dog lead, leash or harness and they can take a beating. In fact, you can walk on them and they just keep on working. Moreover, you can choose from different colors, and even match your outfit or mood.

5. Dog shoes

When it is icy, freezing or just feels really cold, it is nice for many dogs to go outside with dog shoes. They are comfortable and warm, provide grip and protect their paws and dog fur from de-icing salt and ice. The 4 season dog shoes by EQDOG even provide extra visibility and are available in 6 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL), with matching socks in 3 sizes (XXS/XS, S/M and L/XL).

Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

Take care of your dog (and yourself)

The start of every new year is accompanied by new good resolutions. Often these include taking better care of yourself, exercising more and eating healthier. Unfortunately, many resolutions fade away, but you can increase the chance of success: make good resolutions for your four-legged friend too!

Go to the (animal) doctor on time

Many people postpone a visit to the doctor when they have complaints, but when it comes to their pets they take action right away. In this corona period it is smart to set the annual appointment for vaccinations in advance. Many veterinary clinics are extra busy because of the scarce staff and with an annual check you can also prevent complaints.

Pay attention to the teeth

Good dental hygiene is important for humans and animals! So make sure you know how to properly clean your dog’s teeth. Daily brushing is of course best, but make sure you only use products that are specially made for dogs. Xylitol, for example, is used in many toothpastes for humans, but toxic to dogs.

Choose the right food

You might notice early on when you gain weight, but obesity in pets is often not recognized. According to the University of Utrecht, about half of the Dutch dogs are overweight. Also in other countries many pets, and especially dogs, suffer from extra weight. And that can cause major health problems, especially in smaller or older animals. A good way to get and keep your dog at the right weight, is to weigh the daily amount of food for your dog can have and replace treats with vegetables or fruit – but be careful not to give fruit with seeds, as these are often not good or even toxic for dogs.

Get enough exercise

Exercise is good for body and mind. And that goes for you and your dog. When you walk the dog every day at the same times and for the same lengths, your dog will automatically remind you to go for a walk at those times and make the right turns during the walk. And with the right equipment, walking the dog becomes that much more pleasurable. For example, make sure that the dog harness fits well and that you use a reliable leash, for example from EQuest 4dogs. Do you need good outdoor clothing for yourself? Take a look at the Owney Outdoor catalog, they offer great and dogproof outdoor clothes.

Tip: is jogging your New Year’s resolution? Then choose the Orbiloc K9 Active Pack. That way you can run safely together.

Keep the mind sharp

Besides the daily physical activities, it is also important that the mind is fed. Dogs are intelligent creatures and thus need some mental challenges on a regular basis. If they don’t get mental stimulation, they will naturally find other outlets – and you may suffer from scrapping behavior. In addition to the daily walks, you can play games, such as playing hide and seek with their toys.

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