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Handy & hidden: the Bandee:pouch+ in camouflage

The ideal companion on walks? Apart from your dog, that is of course the Bandee: pouch+! Whether you’re taking a stroll through the park or an hour-long hike through nature, this handy waist bag will help you enjoy quality time with your furry friend extra well. The bag is now available in two colours: the neutral black and the conveniently combinable camouflage print.

Two colours
Bandee by Owney understands what you need on a walk with the dog; which is why they have created the Bandee Pouch+. This smart and versatile bag is specially designed to meet the needs of dog lovers. The fanny pack was already available in black for some time and now it also comes in the new camouflage colour. So you will not only be stylish, but also well packed when you go out with your four-legged friend. The new colour is easy to combine with different types of outfits. Also, you don’t have to worry about stains on this waist bag. They don’t stand out – and you rinse them off quickly!

Versatile waist bag
The Bandee Pouch+ is so much more than a common hip bag. It is a practical accessory designed specifically to make life easier for dog owners. This is what makes the waist bag so irresistible to dog lovers:

  • Hands free: with the Bandee Pouch+, you keep your hands free to leash your dog, reward him with a snack or simply enjoy the walk. You wear the bag around your hips and therefore don’t feel the weight pressing on muscles either.
  • Well-organised: with the Bandee Pouch+, you keep everything smartly stored and within easy reach, from dog treats and poop bags to mobile phone and keys. That saves the hassle of searching or losing something while walking. The waist bag also has a handy loop to attach a leash.
  • User-friendly: the Bandee Pouch+ features two outer pockets with magnetic closures, allowing you to quickly grab a dog whistle or a treat – whatever you might quickly need. Want to take your debit card with you? You put it safely in one of the two inner zipped pockets.
  • Flexible: because the Bandee Pouch+ is equipped with Velcro, you can easily adjust the width of the waist bag and optimise carrying comfort. The waist bag is available in 4 sizes that are easily adjustable:
    o Small 81-89 cm
    o Medium 90-98 cm
    o Large 99-106 cm
    o XLarge 107-120 cm

Perfect companion
Looking for convenience, smart organisation and style? As a dog lover, the Bandee Pouch+ is the perfect choice. Quickly upgrade your hiking gear with this optimal combination of functionality and style, and enjoy stress-free adventures with your dog with the Bandee Pouch+! You can order the waist bag by emailing Of course, you can also order faster and easier via Owney Outdoor’s B2B webshop.

Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

Finish spring cleaning in 6 steps

Spring is in full swing and that means it’s time to refresh the shop and get it ready for the new season: the autumn/winter collection can go out, the spring/summer collection in, prepare to facilitate dog training workshops and for the warm days that are almost upon us. At NOHO Agency, we help you put things in order. With these 6 tips, you’ll have your shop clean and organised in no time and you’ll be prepared for the year ahead!

  1. Organise your stock

First get your affairs in order by clearing out the stock in the shop and your storage area: which products do you actually have in store? Are you going to use these products again next autumn/winter? Or does your product range need some refreshments? Take a look at what our our high-quality brands have to offer!

  1. Clean, clean, clean

Everything tidy? Then it’s time for a thorough cleaning. Sweep and mop all floors, dust all surfaces, clean the display cases and wash the windows. A clean shop is not just the shop window or the shelves. Be sure to clean the storage area and any back rooms as well.

  1. Create a fresh look

Appearance is everything. Therefore, bring spring to your shop with some green plants or spring flowers. Adding natural elements improves the look of your shop and creates a calming atmosphere for both customers and pets.

Also read our tips for a good shop design.
  1. Reflect on your product offering and strategy

Everything refreshed? Then take a critical look at your product range for this summer, next winter and your more timeless range: which products are you actually less satisfied with? What could be better? Do you have all the essential products for next summer? Or do you want to go all out this winter with Pomppa’s dog coats, EQDOG’s dog shoes or Orbiloc‘s robust dog lights? Perhaps you need rock-solid leashes? Or do you want to turn out with beautiful, trendy food bowls?

Tip: Consider visiting Interzoo, the largest pet industry trade fair, from 7 May to 10 May in Nuremberg, Germany. Here you will find the latest trends and innovations. And of course NOHO agency will be there!
  1. Optimise the customer experience

Step into your shop like a customer does: can you quickly find the specific product you are looking for? And get all the information you need in the process? DOG Copenhagen offers several great how-to videos on how to put on a dog harness and how to choose the right size.

  1. Update your marketing material

Take advantage of the fresh start of spring by going through and updating your marketing material. Refresh your website, update your social media and use seasonal promotions to attract customers to your shop – or come back. At NOHO agency, we are happy to help with optimal set-ups. Email for up-to-date EAN codes, beautiful images of specific products or personalised leaflets for on your shop counter.