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Rain or cold: the Pomppa dog coats offer the perfect solution

With the first frosty days behind is it quite clear: winter is coming! How do you prepare your dog for the unpredictable winter weather? With dog coats by Pomppa of course! They protect against rain and / or cold, fit like a glove and are certainly winterproof.

Popular dog coats

The dog coats from Pomppa are extremely popular because they offer a rare mix: they are designed so that every dog ​​has maximum freedom of movement. They have no unpleasant elastics in the groin or at the tail. Moreover, they are durable, easy to wash and available in various fun colors. In addition, Pomppa offers different types of dog coats (pdf, 244 kB), depending on the weather.

Against the rain

Especially for rainy days, Pomppa offers two types of raincoats that protect against moisture and wind – and that stay perfectly in place during sports and games:

  • SadePomppa: a lightweight raincoat that your dog can wear all year round.
  • KevytPomppa: a comfortable raincoat that, thanks to the thin, antistatic inner layer, is perfect for when it gets a little colder.

Against the cold

When it gets even colder, Pomppa offers you three types of dog coats that keep your dog warm – and offer optimum freedom of movement thanks to the excellent fit:

  • JumppaPomppa: an anti-static and anti-fluff pull-on sweater that is easy to combine with other Pomppa jackets.
  • PerusPomppa: an all-round jacket with a waterproof top layer, reflectors in the collar and on the hips and an antistatic teddy inner layer.
  • ToppaPomppa: a thick-lined winter jacket with a waterproof top layer, well-insulated filling and an antistatic teddy inner layer that protects against (frost) cold.

Order quickly!

Do you want to make sure you have enough Pomppa dog coats in stock for Black Friday and for the holidays? Then give us a call at +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or mail to

Pomppa offers protection against the elements
Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

How to properly measure your dog’s harness

A harness is much more comfortable and is more reliable than a normal collar. But at first glance a harness seems more complicated. For example, how do you ensure that the harness is not too big or too small? The following also applies here: to measure is to know.

Make sure it is comfortable
The most important thing is of course that the harness fits comfortably. You naturally want to prevent your dog from not getting enough air because the harness is too tight. At the same time, you also want the harness to not be too big and to get in the way if the dog wants to run and jump nicely. It must all be about comfort and sufficient freedom of movement. For that you have to measure the neck and chest circumference to find the perfect size harness.

This is how you determine the right size
To ensure that a harness fits properly, you need to measure the size of the chest (girth). To do this, take the widest part of the chest, just behind the dog’s shoulders. To be sure, put 2 fingers between the chest and the measuring tape. Then you know for sure that the harness is not too tight. With some harnesses you also have to measure the neck circumference. Because the harness in the neck is lower than a collar, you start measuring at the top of the chest bone and go up again along the shoulder blades.

Found the right size What’s next?
The quality brands properly explain with what dimensions which size harness is perfect for your dog. DOG Copenhagen is known for its ergonomically designed harnesses, which minimally strain the back and neck of the dog. The brand uses the following size chart for its harnesses:

In between sizes, choose the largest size!

Ordering & trying
Want to see the DOG Copenhagen harnesses yourself and try them on your dog? Give us a call at +31(0)6 109 104 63 or send us a mail at

The harnesses of DOG Copenhagen will, especially if you measure the dog right, fit like a glove.