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Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

3 tips for jogging with your four-legged friend

Have you also spotted a lot more runners lately? That could be right! Because gyms and sports clubs had to close their doors, more and more people are discovering that running on their own is a perfect alternative. In April 2020, the ASICS Runkeeper app saw a whopping 464 percent increase in registrations in the Netherlands. The number of active users also increased by 75 percent. And the dog? With these 3 tips he can just join in!

Tip 1: start slowly

Build a training schedule in small steps. That is not only a wise thing to do for yourself, but also for your four-legged friend. Learn about the dog breed and find out what your loyal companion can handle. Some dogs are naturally built to run long distances. For example, a Parson Russell Terrier can run for miles, while the average greyhound prefers a short sprint. Don’t let the enthusiasm of puppies guide you either; they are usually only ready for a run when they are fully grown. And note: older dogs may not show it, but they tire more quickly than a young dog.

Tip 2: Keep your dog on a leash

Of course you want to prevent your dog from running while you are trying to catch your breath. Teach your dog to run together – so stay close. After a while your dog will learn to match to your running pace. The Jogging Leash from EQDOG is perfect for running together. This flexible dog leash is worn around the waist (but can also be worn over the shoulder) and it stretches when pulled. For example, it goes from 210 cm up to 300 cm when it is completely stretched. The belt is super light and soft to the touch, but has an extremely strong core and is shock absorbing. Also handy: with the safety handle you can always keep your dog close by in tricky situations.

Tip 3: Hydrate

Dogs are more likely to experience dehydration than exhaustion during exercise. So make sure you always have enough to drink for your dog. The Travel Bowl by EQDOG is a handy, extremely light and foldable water bowl for dogs. You can easily put that (folded) container of 70 grams and 12 cm wide in your pocket and you can put it down at any time to hydrate your loyal running buddy.

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With EQDOG’s Jogging Leash your dog will learn to adapt to your pace – or the other way ’round!
Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

New: the brilliant safety lights by Orbiloc

We have great news we can finally share!  NOHO agency is now also responsible for Orbiloc in the Benelux! This Danish design brand makes innovative and high-quality safety lights for humans and dogs. And we are very happy and proud that we can now also offer this brand exclusively.

Clever Danish design

Orbiloc has been a great success for many years thanks to their Orbiloc Safety Light ™. This brilliant safety light is praised for its clever design, advanced production technology and carefully selected materials. In Scandinavia, the light is widely used by not only service dogs and police dogs. But also by hunters and runners who use the light to find their way, and to be highly visible, in the dark.

In addition, the safety light comes in various, very user-friendly designs (and colors) for humans and dogs.

Visible all around

The user is placed central with every Orbiloc design. And certainly with the Orbiloc Safety Light ™ everything has been thought of. The advanced LED safety lamp has a unique design, making the lens visible from all sides. With Orbiloc Safety Light ™ you can be sure of:

  • Visible up to five km
  • Waterproof to a depth of 100 meters
  • Extremely durable. Withstands loads up to 100 kg
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 250 hours of battery life when flashing
  • 3 year warrenty

In addition to this, the safety light comes in various, very user-friendly designs (and colors) for humans and dogs. Make sure to check our brochure.

Exclusive to the specialised retailer

Orbiloc has been available for several years through various distributors and wholesalers. That changes with the exclusive choice for NOHO agency. From now on, Orbiloc’s high-quality products are only sold where they belong: in specialised stores. This way you can distinguish yourself even better as the expert. And we like to see that at NOHO, because we stand for our brands and our partners.

Want to see for yourself? Or place an order?

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