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Dog leashes from DOG Copenhagen available again

Good news: the complete range of dog leashes from DOG Copenhagen is finally available again and in stock. Earlier this year, the Danish producer decided to temporarily withdraw all dog leashes from the market due to occasional problems with the new carabiner closure. With the extensively tested, upgraded and highly reliable closure from DOG Copenhagen, you can be sure that even the most bouncy, playful dog will not run off.

Extremely careful

Last year DOG Copenhagen launched a completely new collection, equipping all existing dog leashes with a new, lightweight aluminum carabiner with locking slide. The Danish brand is always very curious about how the products were liked and after extensive inquiries it turned out that the new closure in some cases, with extremely playful or jumpy dogs, did not lock properly. Quick action was taken: all dog lines were withdrawn from the market. A precaution of the highest order, because by far most of the closures worked properly.

Opt for security

With a more traditional screw locking mechanism, DOG Copenhagen now offers extreme security. Instead of sliding, you now have to lock the clasp by tightening it. That makes it quite impossible, even for the most overactive dog, to loosen the lock. The entire range of dog leashes is now equipped with this new, highly reliable locking mechanism.

Must-haves from DOG Copenhagen

Now that the full range of dog leashes is available again, it may be difficult to choose: which ones are you going to order? Some tips:

Opt for lightweight: the Urban Rope™ Leash

A lightweight and reflective dog leash for everyday use, made from soft and durable nylon. The belt has a neoprene padded handle and is 160cm long and available with a diameter of 8 or 11 mm rope in the colors black, red, green, brown, blue, orange, purple and pink.

Choose storage space: the Urban Trail™ Leash including Pouch Organizer™

A versatile dog leash measuring 160 cm long, equipped with a mini bag measuring 14 cm long, 6 cm wide and 3 cm high. The bag has two compartments and a built-in bag dispenser. This way you can easily take dog treats and dog bags with you and you have a separate compartment for your keys, for example.

Bring DOG Copenhagen back into your home!

Can’t wait to replenish your stock of DOG Copenhagen dog leashes? Do you have any questions? Or do you need promotional material from DOG Copenhagen, such as beach flags, displays or flyers? Mail to

Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

What will make a webshop a success?

In times of Covid, a good webshop is extra important to complement your physical store. Because not everyone can or dares to visit the store. NOHO agency likes to make it easy for you and show which elements are important in a webshop for (new) customers.

Locally findable

Of course you can proudly mention your website address on your store front, but it is also important to be locally findable online. This makes picking up orders even more attractive. Create a Google My Business profile for free.

Beautiful pictures

When you buy something, you naturally want to see it first. Therefore, provide beautiful, high-quality, well-lit photos of your products. One is not enough. Make sure you show the product well from multiple angles. Do you need photos of the products of one of our brands? Call or email us and we will send you a nice selection or give you access to the brand’s image bank.

Beautiful videos

Beautiful photos are the basis, but customers also prefer to see moving images. Certainly from extra functionalities or handy instructions. Instruction videos of, for example, how to properly put on Pomppa dog coats or how to attach the safety lights by Orbiloc, you can easily embed. EQDOG also shares some nice product and instruction videos on YouTube.

Clear product details

Details convince customers. Therefore, make sure that you provide a complete, correct and clear product description. Be sure to keep a clear size chart and, if necessary, provide useful instructions to determine the correct size.

Clear about shipping

Free shipping can boost online sales. But it must be affordable. In any case, be clear about the shipping costs and, if necessary, use a threshold amount to convince potential buyers and order more.

Be there

Place your full contact details – telephone number, e-mail address and visiting address (with opening hours) – on the website. This increases confidence in your webshop. The best area to place your contact details are in the footer (fixed bar at the bottom) and also provide a menu button with the name “Contact”.

Be social

Of course you want customers to talk about your products and service, so that they also attract others to your (web) store. You do this by being active on social media, among other things. Link your webshop with clear icons to your social media. A small note: a static Facebook page is not enough. For example, you can create beautiful Instagram stories every week and invite your customers to respond to your posts.

Share reviews

Experiences of others can convince even the biggest doubters. Reviews about products or even on your store are therefore invaluable. Offer customers the opportunity to respond to each product and the shopping experience itself. Place the social media icons with each product and ask, for example, with every order or in a mail afterwards: do you also want to share your experience online?

We can help!

Do you need images, videos or product details for your webshop? Let us know: give us a call at +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or send a mail to