EQDOG upgrades bestsellers

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EQDOG upgrades bestsellers

The Click’n Treat Bag from EQDOG was originally developed by professional dog trainers. And they made sure that this belt bag is extremely convenient to use and ideal for daily walks, but also for the most intensive dog training. EQDOG decided to give this bestseller an upgrade and introduce it together with a new Pro Leash and Pro Collar.

Success formula reward bag

The success of the Click’n Treat Bag lies within the ease of use and wearing comfort. The reward bag can be opened and closed using only one hand. In addition, there are various storage options:

– Front storage pocket with Velcro closure. For example, a clicker or the roll of dog poop bags easily fits in it.

– Larger zip pocket on the back. You can safely store your wallet, mobile or keys in this.

– Removable inner pocket. Ideal for doggy treats because the lining is grease- and waterproof and can be washed separately.

Smart improvements

For the upgrade of the Click ‘n Treat Bag, EQDOG has improved the opening mechanism and made the inner bag 100% water and grease free. In addition, the pocket at the back is made larger and equipped with a waterproof zipper. The bag is now also water-repellent and has a reflective trim on the front. The most striking new aspect is the choice of new fabric: it feels thicker, because the fabric is laminated with thin foam. This immediately gives the reward bag a more exclusive look.

New: Pro Leash II™ & Pro Collar™

The success of the Pro Leash has been followed up by EQDOG with a new design based on this success number. The new Pro Leash II™ & Pro Collar™ have a finely soft, but very strong woven band. In addition, they are equipped with super strong carabiners and an adjustable strap. The Pro Leash II is available in two different shades of gray to match the Pro Collar™ and in 7 different sizes (from 31cm to 69cm) – and well stocked too!

Get the upgrades!

Get those new and upgraded products from EQDOG: mail your order to info@noho.nl. All new products are in stock at the beginning of November.

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