Product trends and developments in 2020

Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

Product trends and developments in 2020

Our brands are always on the move. This means that, in 2020, you can expect some amazing developments, with an eye for quality and sustainability – exactly what today’s dog owners want to see. Time for an overview per brand!


In 2019 we could proudly announced that NOHO agency is the exclusive representation of AddPocket in the Benelux. The practical and flattering hipbags of this Swedish brand have received a lot of positive feedback. No wonder, because they are lightweight, dirt-repellent and come in various (unisex) models in beautiful, modern colors. This year AddPocket is enriching its line of hip bags with new colors. The brand will also focus on faster delivery and better support. In addition, there will be new presentation material, such as brochures and posters.

DOG Copenhagen

At DOG Copenhagen they want us to spend more time with our best friends in 2020. Their comfortable, functional and durable dog accessories will help. The Danish brand will have some nice surprises for this summer. But pay attention! After the launch of the previous collection, a real rush followed and we had difficulty keeping up with all requests. So make sure you are first in line this year!


EQDOG wants to set a new standard of dog accessories. And thereby strengthen the emotional connection between people and their dogs. That is why smart innovations from the “human world” are translated into new accessories for the active and adventurous dog. Always stylish and functional, with high quality and convenient to use. This summer EQDOG brings its new innovations to the market. In addition, we expect the Cooldog to be a huge success again this summer.

EQuest 4dogs

EQuest 4dogs is known for their high quality leashes and collars. The brand is therefore perfectly in line with the current sustainability trend. Dog owners also find it increasingly important that their dog accessories last longer and do not end up in the trash prematurely. The high-quality products from EQuest 4dogs fit in with this. In addition to this, they like to provide customized products, so that you can distinguish yourself even more easily.

Owney Outdoor

At Owney Outdoor we’re always working on perfecting our collection. Last autumn Owney introduced new colours for a part of their collection of outdoor jackets. This Spring we have some exciting new products planned. If you stop by at our booth at Interzoo we are more than willing to show them to you.


In 2019 NOHO agency teamed up with the Finnish dogcoat brand Pomppa. We received a lot of positive feedback, mostly thanks to the smart sizing. This makes it seem as if every Pomppa dog coat is made to measure. They also stay perfectly in place without any nasty straps or elastic bands so the dog can move around freely. At the moment Pomppa is working hard on the new collection of dog coats for the 2020/2021 season. It will probably see the light of day in August this year.

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