Smooth and handy: new instructional video’s by Pomppa

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Smooth and handy: new instructional video’s by Pomppa

The dog coats and sweaters by Pomppa always have a perfect fit and offer optimal freedom of movement. But how do you explain to customers how to put on such a dog coat or sweater? This procedure is very easy, but it is quite difficult to explain. That is why Pomppa has made useful instruction videos. Perfect for guideness, or to show at a shop display or in your webshop.

Easy and comfortable

The different types of dog coats by Pomppa protect dogs from head to tail. They stay perfectly in place and do not restrict the dog’s freedom of movement. A good fit is very important for this.

Pomppa makes it easy to determine the right size of dog coats and sweaters.

The size of the Pomppa dog coat or sweater is always determined by the back length of the dog and by the intended use of the coat. Does the dog enjoy running and jumping? Then the dog coat should be more tight around the waist. Has the dog (or owner) slowed down a bit and prefers a more easy walk? Then the dog coat can be a bit bigger. 

This is how you should fit a Pomppa dog coats and sweaters

For ultimate wearing comfort, the dog coat or dog sweater should always be put on properly. That is why Pomppa has made an instruction for her dog coats and for the dog sweater JumppaPomppa:

Choose the right size

A physical fitting is always the best option to determine which size is right for the dog. When choosing the right coat or sweater, always take into account the type of dog, the amount of fur, the position of the tail and the energy level. Because that can influence the perfect model and the right fit. Is the dog in between sizes? Then choose a larger size to ensure a good fit and ultimate wearing comfort. If the size is correct, the tail curve in the jacket or sweater falls over the attachment of the dog’s tail. As a result, the jacket or sweater falls well over the back and thighs and the dog is optimally protected and covered, without sacrificing freedom of movement.

Need advise?

At NOHO we know exactly which dog coats suit which type of dogs. So just contact us if you want advice. Or other tips for your shop interior. Call +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or email

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