New and stylish: Kamin Red and Petrol by Owney Outdoor

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New and stylish: Kamin Red and Petrol by Owney Outdoor

Arm yourself against the cold and take your dog out? You can do it stylishly and tastefully, as Owney Outdoor proves with the new colors Kamin Red for the Arctic and Petrol for the Albany. These striking colors and stylish winter coats for women not only offer protection from the elements, but also add a touch of flair to the winter wardrobe.

Radiantly fashionable
Kamin Red is an intense and vibrant color that immediately attracts attention. It is the perfect choice for ladies who also like to shine in winter with their faithful four-legged friend by their side, even on the gloomiest winter days. Owney Outdoor’s Arctic women’s jacket in Kamin Red is made of high-quality materials that keep you warm and dry, even in the bleakest weather conditions. This winter parka is extra-long, fashionable and equipped with functional accessories, such as a poop bag dispenser and removable reward pouch.

Classic and comfortable
Petrol is a deep and elegant color that exudes a sense of sophistication and class. This color is perfect for people looking for a timeless style who do not want to use their outdoor jacket only for walks with the dog. You can don the stylish Albany to work, but also wear it for all kinds of leisure activities. With the Albany in the classic color Petrol, you are assured of the features you have come to expect from Owney Outdoors. The winter jacket is designed to keep you warm and comfortable, even when temperatures drop below freezing. With its smart pockets, this jacket offers both style and practicality.

Bestseller material
The new colors perfectly match what makes these winter parkas from Owney Outdoor so special. The Arctic and Albany show great attention to detail, functionality, appearance, quality of materials and craftsmanship. Owney Outdoor is known for super solid winter coats made for people who like to go out with their dogs. These parkas are nice and warm, trendy, convenient and comfortable with breathable coating. The jackets are water-repellent and windproof thanks to fully taped seams. That means you will stay dry and warm even during the most tempestuous weather conditions. The Arctic and Albany are absolute bestsellers from Owney Outdoor for good reason.

Reliable winter parka
The Arctic is available not only in Kamin Red, but also in Grey, Black, Cherry Red, Indigo Blue and Aruba Blue. The Albany has a slightly different palette, with Baltic blue, Grape, Pumpkin, Navy-grey, Green and Anthracite in addition to the new color Petrol. No matter which color you choose the Arctic or Albany in, you are assured of durable, breathable materials. The latter is also important because it keeps you from sweating and keeps you comfortable even when you take a brisk walk through the cold with your dog. The jackets are nice and long, padded and come with a fixed hood. In every color, Owney Outdoor ensures that you not only look good, but are also well protected from the winter elements and fully equipped for a nice walk or activity with the dog. They offer a combination of style, functionality and comfort that’s hard to beat.

Complete the line!
Want to offer these beautiful new colours from Owney Outdoor to your customers too? Then quickly order the Arctic and Albany in the new colours through Owney Outdoor’s B2B webshop. Do you run into something in the ordering process? Let us know: call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email Then we will help you quickly.

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