The outdoor training season is here!

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The outdoor training season is here!

Training with the dog outside is important to teach proper social skills and make sure he or she listens well to commands. When you’re outside, the distractions are much greater for the dog and for you. Therefore, it is important to be able to focus your full attention on the exercises you do with your dog. The right accessories can help with that. NOHO agency shares a top four accessories to help you train your dog.

1. Click ‘n treat
When you’re training outdoor, you can’t walk empty-handed. Ideally, you want to have a supply of dog treats with you, but at the same time keep your hands free. That’s why EQDOG‘s Click ‘n Treat (left image) is ideal. This dog treat bag can be opened with one hand and has an extra large opening so you can grab a treat super fast. The Click ‘Treat has a removable treat pouch that is 100 percent water resistant. So you can easily clean it after each training session. The length-adjustable leash easily attaches and detaches with the snap buckle and has a maximum length of 145 cm. This allows you to wear the Click ‘n Treat around your hip or over the shoulder.

2. Bandee: pouch+
Need more storage space? Then opt for the Bandee: pouch+ (right image) from Bandee by Owney. This ergonomic waist bag has enough room for poop bags, treats for the dog as well as for you, your cell phone, wallet and a bottle of water. Like the Click ‘n Treat, the Bandee pouch+ is easy to open and equipped with a removable insert pocket where you can store dog treats. The Bandee: pouch+ has extra loops to which you can attach leashes and carabiners and is available in four different sizes:

  • Small 81 – 89 cm
  • Medium 90 – 98 cm
  • Large 99 – 106 cm
  • XLarge 107 -120 cm

3. Dog Sport Vest
Owney Outdoor makes outdoor apparel specifically for dog lovers, including several (softshell and fleece) intermediate jackets and body warmers that are ideal during the outdoor training season. The Dog Sport Vest (left image) is specifically designed for outdoor training and equipped with six front pockets, one large dummy back pocket, an additional zippered back tunnel pocket, two D-rings for attaching further equipment, and mesh inserts on the back for proper ventilation. The dog sport vest is available in different versions:

  • ladies: in the colors petrol, anthracite and anthracite-green, in sizes XS-4XL
  • men: in the color anthracite, in sizes XXS-3XL

4. Harness with handle
Of course a good, sturdy leash is necessary in dog training, but the same goes for a good harness with which you can quickly grab your dog if needed. EQDOG‘s harnesses are equipped with a strong handle that allows you to lift up to 170 kilos (!). You can therefore easily correct and stop the average dog with the Classic Harness (available in sizes S, M and L/XL) or Pro Harness (available in sizes XS, S, M and L/XL) from EQDOG. The lightweight harnesses feature an ergonomic design and are easily adjusted to fit the dog’s body.

More tips?
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