DOG Copenhagen unveils 5 (!) new products

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DOG Copenhagen unveils 5 (!) new products

At the beginning of October, DOG Copenhagen made a spectacular big splash with the launch of no fewer than 5 new products – in stylish Scandinavian design. With the innovations, the Danish quality brand broadens its range; it now not only offers dog harnesses and leashes, but also super handy accessories for at home. They are all bestsellers:

Vega Bowl
This modern, minimalistic and ultra handy dog food bowl has a typically Scandinavian design. The beautifully food bowl perfectly matches the Libra Placemat and is made of high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. The non-slip rubber base keeps the bowl in place while the dog eats. The food bowl is available in two sizes and the colours Caffe Latte, Off White, Cool Grey, Steel and Mint Green.

Libra Placemat
This placemat is specially designed for dogs that like to make a mess in the kitchen. The silicone oval Libra Placemat has raised edges and protects the floor while keeping the food bowl neatly in place. The mat can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. The Libra Placemat perfectly matches the Vega bowl and is available in two sizes and the colours Caffe Cream, Cool Grey and Mint Green.

Flexy Poop Bag Holder
No litter bin nearby? No worries, because a dog poop bag can be carried delicately, hands-free with DOG Copenhagen’s Flexy Poop Bag Holder to the nearest next trash can. The poop bag holder can be worn on your belt or bag, is made of strong, durable silicone and carries up to two full poop bags at a time. DOG Copenhagen has made sure there is always a holder to match your outfit: the Flexy Poop Bag Holder is available in red, black, orange, lilac, pink, brown, green and blue.

Go Explore Treat Bag
With the Go Explore Treat Bag, DOG Copenhagen brings to the market a super handy daily walk bag for you and your dog. You can carry the bag on your hip because it is equipped with an integrated belt clip and adjustable strap. Thanks to the secure magnetic closure system, you quickly grab a treat to reward the dog. Need to grab a poop bag? You can easily get it from the built-in poop bag dispenser. Your clicker, keys or debit card are also quickly and safely at hand thanks to the front zipped pocket. The bag is waterproof and made of durable stain-resistant fabric and equipped with 3M™ reflective strips. The Go Explore Treat Bag comes in 8 colours: red, black, orange, lilac, pink, brown, green and blue.

Go Explore Belt Bag
Taking a longer hike? Going on a day trip with a nice long walk? Then take this larger bag with you. The Go Explore Belt Bag holds everything you need for longer walks, but leaves your hands free. The bag has an inner pocket, two zip pockets on the outside, an adjustable strap and a built-in poop bag dispenser. You wear it around your hips or as a crossbody shoulder bag. The bag is waterproof, has reflective strips and is made of durable materials. This bag is also available in red, black, orange, lilac, pink, brown, green and blue.

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