4Season dog shoes from EQDOG help save lives

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4Season dog shoes from EQDOG help save lives

EQDOG is different from most other brands. The Scandinavian brand invents the most practical products for dogs and dog owners and pays a lot of attention to their products. The brand calls itself “a bit nerdy”. But their particular attention to even the smallest details is now helping after the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. That’s where rescue dogs search for people whilst wearing their 4Season dog shoes.

Veteran on 4Season dog shoes

Sahara is a sniffer dog and member of the Search And Rescue (SAR) team from Thailand that searches the rubble for people in Turkey after the devastating earthquakes. This veteran has been walking on the same 4Season dog shoes from EQDOG for five (!) years and she has worked with them all over the world. Sahara is by no means the only dog who works with EQDOG products. Police forces, rescue and search teams, fire brigades and patrols, among others, work with dogs that need reliable, functional equipment for their work and rely on EQDOG for exactly this. In addition to the 4Season dog shoes, the Cool Dog cooling vest, Pro-Life Vest life jacket and of course the bestseller Click’n Treat reward bag are also widely used by these kinds of organisations.

Safe at work

It’s no wonder that many K9 teams from Security, Rescue, Police and Military Forces from all over the world use the 4Season dog shoes. The shoes ensure that their dogs can work safely. The dog shoes have a particularly good fit and no seams on the inside. The soft but strong soles provide good grip on the surface, but also ensure that dogs can still feel the surface, while their sensitive foot pads are protected. The wearing comfort is enhanced by a sturdy ankle strap that prevents the shoes from slipping. The 4Season shoes are sold with a sock. This ensures a better fit, rapid drainage of sweat and prevents nails from getting stuck when putting on the shoe. They also keep the dog’s feet nice and warm. And sniffer dogs could certainly use that in the low temperatures in Turkey and Syria after the earthquakes.

Have you spotted EQDOG?

Of course EQDOG is very proud that their products are used by so many K9 teams all over the world. Have you seen a dog at work with one of the EQDOG products? Send your photo to info@noho.nl and we will pass it on to EQDOG.

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