Click ’n Treat – because dogs are smart

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Click ’n Treat – because dogs are smart

Dog trainers know better than anyone that a training based on rewarding gives the best results. They even designed the ultimate reward bag for this: the Click’n Treat Bag by EQDOG. Why is that bag such a success?

Do dogs listen?
Research shows that dogs can recognize up to a thousand different words. So they don’t just respond to the way you talk to them; they also listen to what you say! Brain scans show that dogs also respond when you pronounce the reward words without the matching intonation. The “reward center” of dog brains does respond best to reward words that are pronounced with a “reward tonation.” That’s why giving a reward – in word and candy – works like crazy. In addition, dogs remember that they can get something tasty after good behavior. And that motivates!

Reward with a bag
For all those listening skills you must of course reward your four-legged friend. The best way to do this is with the EQDOG Click’n Treat Treat bag around your hips. You can easily open it with one hand. This way you can keep the bag closed until your dog shows the desired behavior on his own initiative or on command. The reward bag has a removable inner bag that is grease-free and waterproof. That makes it perfect for dog treats. Moreover, you can easily and separately store your clicker or smartphone in the bag. No other reward bag can compete with all that ease of use and smart design. That is why the Click’n Treat is immensely popular.

Try it?
The Click ’n Treat by EQDOG is available in orange and black. And we are happy to show you how the bag works. Give us a call at +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or send us a mail at for an appointment.

The immensely popular Click ’n Treat by EQDOG

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