EQDOG is ready for the holidays!

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EQDOG is ready for the holidays!

Thanks to Covid, more and more households are expanding their family with a dog. They of course had an impact for EQDOG as well, because the products were flying out of our warehouse. The young Scandinavian brand has now replenished stocks, just in time for the holidays. Here’s an overview:

Click’n Treat Bag
The Click ‘n Treat reward bag from EQDOG is a real must-have for all dog-owners. The pouch enables you to always grab a treat with one hand if your dog shows the desired behavior on his own initiative or on command. Want to take a photo or video? You can also easily carry you mobile in the treat bag as well. And what if the innerbag get dirty? Then you can easily clean the removable, waterproof and grease-free inner lining. Perfect!

4Season Shoes
We are all hoping for a white Christmas. With the 4season shoes from EQDOG that will prove not to be a problem for the dog. These dog shoes are nice and warm, increase visibility and provide grip, so the dog slips less quickly on slippery paths. In addition, they protect against salt and the shoes prevent ice lumps from forming between the foot pads.

Travel Bowl
Your dog still needs a bowl of water during a long walk in winter. The Travel Bowl from EQDOG is perfect for that. It is foldable, waterproof and weighs only 80 grams. In addition, the collapsed water bowl fits into a handy zip pocket with mesh on one side, so that any remaining moisture can simply evaporate. It can easily be carried in the jacket pocket.

Doggy Dry and Quick Dry
The Doggy Dry bathrobe and the Quick Dry towel will do most of the drying work for you. After a walk through the rain, just put on the Doggy Dry and your dog will be dry again in no time. The same applies to drying with the Quick Dry. The microfibres make it very easy. So easy, in fact, that EQDOG will probably soon have to warn about a limited supply. So make sure to order quickly!

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Time to replenish EQDOG products!

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