Stay save in the dark: 3 tips

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Stay save in the dark: 3 tips

Autumn has arrived. And that means it gets darker and colder quicker. Winter is only just around the corner. How do you properly prepare yourself and your dog for the long, cold evenings? We give you 3 tips.

Tip 1: Be visible

Precisely because it gets dark so quickly, we recommend that you always have lights with you so that you and your dog remain clearly visible. The Orbiloc Safety Lights* can be securely attached to your dogs harness, leash or collar. But you can also keep them within reach next to the front door or in your pocket. Then you know for sure that you do not forget the lights and disappear in the dark.

Tip 2: Clean the paws

The autumn weather leaves branches lying around, piles of leaves and extra sand on the street. Your dog walks through all of that and that can result in dry, cracked paws. As soon as the night frost hits, salt is also sprinkled and that can sting a lot. Therefore, clean your dog’s paws well when you return home. If necessary, lubricate them with special jelly and regularly trim the hairs around the toes to prevent dirt from disappearing or blocks of ice from forming.

Tip 3: Keep your dog warm and dry

Some dogs have a very thick coat, others are covered with only a thin layer of hair. You can certainly lend them a hand in the winter. Always dry your dog when you return home, for example with the quick-drying bathrobe Doggy Dry from EQDOG. In addition, a dog coat or raincoat can help to keep your dog nice, warm and dry. The dog coats from Pomppa have reflective details and are very popular because of their good fit. They also offer plenty of freedom of movement, so that your dog can still enjoy a walk in the cold or rain.

Safe on the go 

The Orbiloc Safety Lights*, Doggy Dry from EQDOG and dog coats from Pomppa can be ordered via +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or You can also request a sample first. We will send it to you free of charge, including a free return label.

*Benelux only

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