A safe summer with Orbiloc

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A safe summer with Orbiloc

Did you know that 60 percent of Orbiloc fans also use their sturdy safety lights in summer? That the Orbiloc Safety Lights are a must-have in spring, fall and winter is obvious to everyone. When the days are short and when there is the less daylight, the more you need the dog lights. But they certainly come in handy in summer, too. So make sure you stock up for this summer!

Recently, Orbiloc did a survey among their followers on Instagram: who uses the safety lights in summer, too? It turns out that almost 2 out of 3 respondents indicated that they also use the lights in summer, and it’s not just out of habit. To avoid the heat during the summer, many dog lovers go hiking or running with the dog earlier and later in the day. And when you’re walking together at dusk or dawn, the Orbiloc Safety Lights make sure that you’re clearly visible. In addition to morning and evening walks, there are also plenty of people who go on night walks and beach walks at night. Respondents also told that they cool off with the dog by going to dark forests and enjoy beautiful sunsets together. And they can’t do that safely without their Orbiloc Safety Lights.

Water sports with Orbiloc

Another interesting result from Orbiloc’s survey is that many dog owners have discovered that the 100 percent waterproof Orbiloc Safety Lights are, of course, ideal for water sports activities. For example paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming and boating. They keep your favorite four-legged friend safe during walks, but also increase their visibility in and on the water. The lights are easy to attach to harnesses, collars and life jackets, so they are also great to use without a leash. With an Orbiloc light, the dog is easier to find, especially in low light and crowded places. Moreover, thanks to the safety light, other water sports enthusiasts also see your dog faster. And that can prevent nasty accidents.

In the summer range

So even in the summer season you better have a good supply of Orbiloc Safety Lights in the house for water sportsmen and evening and night walkers. Receive an order form? Call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email info@noho.nl.

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