How to beat all weather conditions with your dog: 4 tips

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How to beat all weather conditions with your dog: 4 tips

During the Ciara and Dennis storms, small dogs were straining to keep all 4 paws on the ground. And for the near future there is no good news for our small and fearful four-legged friends, because heavy winds are still being forecasted. And we probably won’t keep it dry either. How do you get those small and large dogs outside for their daily walk when they don’t want to? We give you 4 tips.

Tip 1: Give the right example
Our behavior and our actions influence those of our dogs; if he sees that you like it, he will rather follow your example. So make sure that you prepare yourself well and are full of positive vibes. Show that you are enthusiastic and feel like going for a walk. You can hold that positive mood longer in a good, sturdy outdoor jacket. For example, with the Vela raincoat from Owney Outdoor you stay comfortably dry during the wet spring.

Tip 2: Start small
Do not force a dog into long walks during a storm or heavy rain. Start with short walks and gradually increase the length with each walk. In this way the dog can build up his confidence and he dares to go outside more easily in bad weather conditions.

Tip 3: Stay dry
Some dogs absolutely dislike the rain. Other dogs need a lot of help to motivate them for their walk. This doesn’t mean they are afraid of spring storms; they simply prefer to lie in the warm dogbed rather than get a soaked fur. This is a lot colder than the comfortable dogbed. For those dogs it helps to prevent them from getting wet. A waterproof Pomppa dog coat, such as SadePomppa or KevytPomppa, prevents your dog from coming home soaked.

Tip 4: Dry them off
Always dry your dog off immediately when you return home. And preferably, use the Doggy Dry or Quick Dry by EQDOG before letting your dog return to their comfortable dog cushion by, for example, EQuest 4Dogs. What better reward than a nice and warm cushion!

For the best walks
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Tips for walking the dog in bad weather or strong winds

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