Ideal running buddies: the dog and Orbiloc Safety Lights

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Ideal running buddies: the dog and Orbiloc Safety Lights

Your faithful four-legged friend is of course the ideal running buddy. But so are the Orbiloc Safety Lights. With these super robust safety lights, you and your dog can safely run together in the dark. With the Orbiloc K9 Pack, you make this golden combination a reality!

Contagious happiness

Number one on countless New Year’s resolutions: exercise more. Your dog can help. After all, your four-legged friend makes running fun, even on days when you actually don’t feel like getting off the couch. Your dog doesn’t focus on the number of calories burned, your cadence or the distance you have run –or still have ahead of you. In fact, a running dog is always a happy dog, enjoying the exercise and the wind through his or her fur. That happiness of your dog is so contagious that it often turns out that people who have a dog as a running buddy keep running over a longer period of time than runners with ‘just’ human running buddies.

Always in sight

Running after the sun goes down or before the sun rises can be quite a challenge in the dark winter months. You have to brave the weather, but also think carefully about the safety of you and your dog. The Orbiloc K9 Pack consists of a bracelet with a dark, xenon (bluish) light for you and an amber light with holder for your dog’s collar or harness. The lights make you visible from a distance of up to 5 km away. Because the light shines 270 degrees across from your arm and from your dog’s harness or leash, drivers and cyclists can see you from a great distance and adjust their speed in time. Moreover, you are also highly visible for each other: with the super strong light, you can always see exactly where your dog is.

Clever Danish design

As a runner, you naturally want to look good. Scandinavian Design has a great reputation, and for good reasons. Scandinavian designers pay more attention to sustainability, are a bit more creative, often coming up with more elegant designs. Danes Anette Kristensen and Jan Jægergaard came up with the Orbiloc Safety Light and made the shockproof and waterproof safety light with high-quality materials. And do you want a different colour than the standard dark light on your arm? Or do you want your dog to look extra flashy? Kristensen and Jægergaard came up with a variety of colours for the safety lights. So you will always find the colour that finishes your outfit and matches your dog’s fur.

Run safely together

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