Lights for sporting buddies

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Lights for sporting buddies

Did you know that Orbiloc offers light not only for the dog, but also for their favorite walking buddy? The Orbiloc K9 Active Pack is a set of Orbiloc Safety Lights for dogs and owners. This way you are both perfectly visible to (oncoming) traffic and you can walk or run safely together.

Active together
It does not matter whether you go hiking, cycling or canicross, with the Orbiloc K9 Active Pack you go safely on the road in the rain, at dusk or in the dark. Because thanks to these reliable safety lights, you are extra visible. The K9 Active is also a smart purchase, because it saves money compared to two separate Orbiloc Safety Lights.

Ready to start!

The Orbiloc K9 Active Pack consists of:
• Orbiloc Dog Dual with amber light (including holder)
• Orbiloc Run Dual with dark colored light (including clip and bracelet)
• Batteries
• Instruction manual

The amber light for the dog is bright and visible in the dark while not blindingly bright. So you can easily attach the lamp to a dog harness or collar with the included holder, without worrying that you will blinded when you look at your dog.
The black light has a xenon-like (bluish) white light, which is easily visible in the dark. This safety light comes with the Orbiloc clip and bracelet and is easy to wear around your arm. And thanks to the batteries, you are immediately ready for departure – the manual is included to be on the safe side.

Work out safely?
The Orbiloc K9 Active Pack can be ordered via +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or Orbiloc also offers other safety lights in various colors, if you want to organize a colorful Christmas.

Be safe together with your best buddy thanks to the Orbiloc K9 Active Pack.

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