Pomppa in recycling mode with RePomppa

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Pomppa in recycling mode with RePomppa

Pomppa has big sustainability ambitions. The Finnish dog coat brand proved that back in early 2022, when CEO Minna Hyrsky signed the Carbon Neutral Textile 2035 pledge on behalf of Pomppa. By doing so, the company pledges to work hard for trendy and comfortable dog coats that are made carbon-neutral. Now Pomppa has come up with something new: RePomppa for second-hand dog coats.

Long service life
Pomppa’s various dog coats are made from high-quality materials, complete with anti-static and non-fluffy inner layers and water- and wind-repellent outer layers. Because of this high quality, the coats last a tremendously long time. Moreover, they do not lose their shape. As a result, many dog coats often last longer than the dogs that wear them. Pomppa wants to make sure that no dog coat goes to waste – for whatever reason. The Finnish brand wants a dog coat to ‘appeal to more than one owner during its lifetime’. And thus RePomppa was born.

New platform
On the RePomppa platform, only used dog clothing from Pomppa is offered by and for individuals for the time being. Each piece of dog clothing from RePomppa goes through an inspection and approval process. Thus, Pomppa ensures that the dog coats are intact and of good quality. As the platform is new and being tested out, only used dog coats from Finland are currently accepted. However, you can buy RePomppa coats from all member states of the European Union and Finland. When the coat is sold, the original owner will receive a gift voucher for the online Pomppa shop.

On a sustainability mission
Do you also have sustainability ambitions? Great! NOHO agency likes to keep you informed about new developments like these, even if pet shops are not (yet) involved. Do you have any questions about this Pomppa initiative? Then check out their website or get in touch: call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email info@noho.nl.

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