Rainy or sweltering summer? NOHO offers the solution!

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Rainy or sweltering summer? NOHO offers the solution!

Two weeks of extreme heat, followed by two weeks of extreme showers, which are followed by two weeks of clouds before the sun reappears; there is a good chance that this will be the summer of 2021. Lucky for you, NOHO agency knows just how to deal with any kind of weather. The products by Pomppa and Orbiloc might make you think of autumn and winter, but their products also come into their own in such a changeable summer.

Protection against summer showers

Every autumn, Pomppa introduces a new series of exclusive colors and prints that lasts just one season – so you’ll have to be quick to get all the bestsellers when ordering. An autumn must-have that comes in handy in wet summers is the SadePomppa raincoat. This lightweight and comfortable raincoat protects against heavy rain and is therefore very useful in tropical summer showers. The dog coat dries quickly and is easy to wash and the reflectors on the collar and over the back seam provide good visibility. The outer fabric is extremely light and perfectly waterproof. The lining is made of an anti-static material that does not attract moisture or fur or give off heat. It’s perfect in the summer, but really all year round. Because when it gets colder, you can just combine it with the JumppaPomppa dog sweater.

The SadePomppa also protects small dogs against summer showers.

Always visible in the evenings

When it’s very hot outside, your dog probably doesn’t want to go out for walks during the day – and you probably don’t either. However, your dog definitely needs the exercise, also on hot summer days. To initiate bowel movements, to keep the body fit, but also to keep the mind ‘happy’. Because movement not only promotes the muscles, it also ensures relaxation. And that doesn’t just apply to dogs. Since heat means stress for many dogs, a long daily walk is not an option. You can, however, catch up during the evening with the help of the Orbiloc safety lights. This means you can work on the mental and physical health of your dog, and ensures safety and sight. When you and your dog have plenty of energy left, the Orbiloc K9 Active Pack is a great option for you. With this duo pack of safety lights both you and your dog stay perfectly visible – ideal if you go for a run together in the evening.

Respond to changeable weather

Make sure you are well prepared for the changeable summers and that the Pomppa raincoat and the Orbiloc safety lights are in stock. So pass on your order quickly: call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or mail to info@noho.nl.

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