Ultimate colour range of dog leashes

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Ultimate colour range of dog leashes

Looking for a dog leash that matches your Corporate Identity? It doesn’t matter if you are a shop owner or dog trainer; complete your image with a leash that matches your ‘style’. With the Ultimo collection of EQuest 4dogs (more than 60 colours in the basic assortment!) you will always find the perfect color for your business.

Modern classic
The basis of the Ultimo collection has always remained the same: a braided polypropylene rope. EQuest 4dogs turns this sturdy material into reliable dog leashes and collars in various designs. Thanks to that solid foundation, the products are always color- and wearresistant and will last for years. This ensures that the Ultimo collection has been a permanent eye-catcher in the EQuest 4dogs assortment for years.

60 colors (and more)
The Ultimo collection has no fewer than 60 (!) different coulors. So you will always find a leash and collar in the color that goes with your collection/dog/shop/trainingcenter or corporate identity. Despite our unusually large colour palette it could be that your preferred colour is not available. No worries: at EQuest 4dogs they like to take the extra step and deliver custom work. Just contact us for the possibilities!

Great features!
In addition to a wide choice of colours, the Ultimo collection by EQuest 4dogs offers various designs:
• The Ultimo City Leash, handy for everyday use and available in three different sizes – S 100 cm, M 120 cm and L 180 cm.
• The Ultimo Training Leash, perfect for dog training or sports and easily adjustable in length – from 120 cm to 155 cm to 205 cm.
• The Ultimo Dog Collar, can be used in 2 different ways (so that the collar slips or does not slip) and is available in 5 different lengths – from 30 cm up to and including 65 cm, depending on the thickness of the rope.

Found your colour?
Want to see more? Ready to order? Take a closer look at the EQuest 4dogs assortment and contact us with all your questions and comments: just call us at+31(0)6 109 104 63 or send a mail to info@noho.nl.

With the Ultimo leash from EQuest 4dogs you’ll always find your match

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