We love to see you (with the Orbiloc Safety Lights)!

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We love to see you (with the Orbiloc Safety Lights)!

Many dog owners still walk without lights in the dark. And that is not without risks. Because other road users may overlook you or your dog. Whether you live in the busy city or in a more rural area: make sure you are clearly visible! Especially now that the days are getting shorter, you can’t leave the house without Orbiloc‘s Safety Lights!

Working on visibility
Many people walk their dogs early in the morning and late at night. For example, before they leave for work or drop the children off at school. Or in the evening after a long working day or after exercising. Now that autumn has started, you’ll notice that it is increasingly darker at those times – and colder! This is when it is extra important to be highly visible with safety lights. To this end, the Orbiloc Safety Lights are ideal. These super robust lights are shockproof and waterproof and last for no less than 250 hours on one pair of batteries.

Safe and pleasant
Wearing safety lights in autumn and winter is no luxury: other road users will see you and your dog walking, which minimise the risk of accidents. Wearing safety lights can reduce an unsafe feeling, but it can also prevent a painful misstep – you are less likely to step into a puddle and thus keep your socks dry, but you are also less likely to step into a pothole which could, for example, cause a sprain in your ankle. So you’ll walk a lot more pleasantly and safely!

Popular for multiple reasons
Of course, you can use bike lights, but Orbiloc’s Safety Lighs are a more durable and safe choice for your dog. They last a very long time and are extremely strong. They can withstand a pressure of as much as 100 kilos. It is therefore no wonder that these reliable safety lights have been used by assistance dogs and police dogs for years. This particular safety light is very popular thanks to its smart design, user-friendliness and carefully selected materials. What’s more, you benefit from a three-year warranty!

Order now?
Would you like to get your hands on the Orbiloc’s LED safety lights as well? Then email orders@noho.nl. Still have questions? Then call +31(0)6 109 104 63.

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