Which color Orbiloc Safety Light do you choose?

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Which color Orbiloc Safety Light do you choose?

In the fall and winter, you can’t leave the house with your dog without safety lights. And Orbiloc‘s robust and versatile Safety Lights are excellent for walks with your dog. But which color dog light should you choose? When do you need safety lights? Each color has other advantages. NOHO lists them for you.

Look at the coat & environment

Whatever color you choose, always look at the dog’s coat first. Because broadly speaking, the darker the coat, the lighter the color of the safety light. Conversely, the lighter the coat, the darker the color lamp. Going for a walk in the city? Then any striking color is advisable – it doesn’t matter whether you choose an Orbiloc Safety Light in a standard color or a fashion color. In rural areas, it is best to choose a color that you do not often see in traffic. That’s why fashion colors are the way to go.

Standard colors

  • Red: The color red always attracts attention in traffic because it is associated with stopping and with emergencies. The color is ideal for attracting attention because you can see it from a greater distance than other colors.
  • Yellow: The color yellow is well distinguished by the human eye and is highly visible in fog. The color is also gentle on the eyes, which makes it nice to look at during walks with your dog. Yellow lights are also used as warning signals and at road works.
  • Green: Green light is easy to see in the dark as well as in sunlight. We see this color better than other color, with much more contrast, and many people prefer this color. Green safety lights are an absolute must-have.
  • Blue: Blue light is associated with police, emergencies and accidents. Road users reduce their speed when they see blue light, and therefore the color can prevent accidents. You don’t see many blue lights on the street, which makes it extra noticeable.
  • White: This color of light is similar to headlights on cars and bicycles. Therefore, oncoming traffic may think your dog with its white Safety Light could be runner or bicyclist that is approaching. White light is useful for dogs with long hair or thick fur. You can also use the light as a flashlight.

Fashion colors

  • Purple: The color purple is a mix of the colors red and blue. Purple light looks elegant and modern and it is a versatile color that you can combine well with different colors of collars and harnesses.
  • Turquoise: The color turquoise is a mix of the colors blue and green. It brings to mind the color of the ocean and is a good gender-neutral color that looks modern and stands out to oncoming traffic.
  • Pink: The color pink is a mix of purple and red and is often linked to something sweet. It represents passion, fun and energy and can be a beautiful, colorful addition to a cheerful dog coat, dog leash or dog harness.
  • Amber: The color amber is bright and warm and a mix of yellow and orange. Beautiful to see in the fall, especially with a dark, deep brown dog coat.
  • Dark: A dark light looks minimalist, futuristic and stylish. Orbiloc’s dark safety lights also have a xenon-like white light that you often see on cars as well – so they are super safe.

Offer inspiration

The smartest thing to do is to offer a rich palette of Orbiloc Safety Lights on the shelves of your shop. To that end, Orbiloc also offers beautiful, eye-catching and customer-friendly displays. Want to order Safety Lights? Or would you like a beautiful display in your store? Then get in touch: call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email info@noho.nl.

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