How to care for your Owney Outdoor jacket

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How to care for your Owney Outdoor jacket

Thanks to a special coating, Owney Outdoor jackets are extremely resistant to rain and wind. That outer layer keeps water out, but also has a high level of breathability. As a result, you will not sweat in an Owney Outdoor jacket – the water does find its way out. This coating should be maintained properly. So give Owney Outdoor jackets a special treatment before you store them for the summer. Find out what to do here.

Waterproof jacket for dog lovers

Except for the softshell jackets, all Owney Outdoor jackets protect against rain and wind. Thanks to a special coating in and on the outer layer, the jackets have a water column of 10,000 MM. This makes the outdoor jackets for dog lovers nice and waterproof in the rain. Only at very high pressure – e.g. when you sit on the fabric for a long time – does the risk of leaks arise as the water cannot escape and ends up being pushed through the coating.

Proper closing

When asked about the waterproofness of Owney Outdoor jackets, always check that the jacket is closed properly. All zips should be properly zipped up – don’t forget the ventilation zips under the armpits. Also check that all Velcro openings are closed properly, otherwise water will still enter through zips or pockets. Of course, good jacket maintenance is essential. Otherwise, a water-repellent jacket will turn into a water-absorbing one.

Proper washing

You can certainly wash a water-repellent jacket, but you should do so with a special detergent so that you do not affect the water-repellent layer on the jacket. Pay attention to the following:

  • Wash at 30 degrees maximum.
  • Use a special liquid detergent for outdoor products – no washing powder or fabric softener!
  • Carefully follow the washing instructions.
  • Do not spin dry as this may damage the outer layer.
  • Dry outdoors, not in a tumble dryer.
  • Only wash the jacket when really necessary. The more often you wash, the more you can damage the coating.

Proper impregnation

Only a clean jacket can be impregnated. In principle, an Owney Outdoor jacket only needs it after 5 to 10 washes, when you notice that the water-repellency has decreased. Hang the washed and dry jacket and spray the impregnating agent at a distance of 15cm on the jacket. Then wipe off the excess spray with a damp cloth and let the jacket air dry.

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