Owney Outdoor 2024 brochure – with new pouch+ and outdoor jackets

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Owney Outdoor 2024 brochure – with new pouch+ and outdoor jackets

Owney Outdoor has a particular focus on innovation, style and functionality and this is reflected in its brand new brochure for 2024. In it, you will discover the brand new print of the Bandee: pouch+, new unisex outdoor jacket Taraq Two and softshell jacket New Matu for women. Of course, you will also find the latest colours Kamin Red for the Arctic winter parka for women and Petrol for the Albany hooded parka in the brochure for the new season.

1. New print Bandee Pouch+

The Bandee Pouch+ is the perfect companion for any dog lover who likes to be well organised and ready for action when out and about. The waist bag has long been available in black and now camouflage has been added. Also in this new, versatile print, the Bandee: pouch+ offers optimal convenience. Whether you are walking around town or taking an adventurous trip through the woods with your dog, this waist bag puts all your essentials quickly and safely within reach. Thanks to the smart compartments with magnetic closures and the cleverly chosen materials – hard-wearing and dirt-resistant – the Bandee Pouch+ is indispensable for many a dog owner.

2. Softshell jacket New Matu

New to Owney Outdoor’s collection is the softshell jacket New Matu for women – the tailored version of the softshell jacket Fjord for men. This jacket with reflective elements is ideal in all seasons due to a great combination of:
– Breathability: moisture and excess heat can easily escape, ensuring a comfortable wear even during physically strenuous activities.
– Freedom of movement: softshell jackets are elastic, making them ideal for various outdoor activities such as walking the dog.
– Lightweight: despite the handy back pocket and poop bag dispenser, the jacket is lightweight, which is ideal for longer walks.
– Changeable weatherproof: softshell jackets are not completely waterproof, but they can withstand a light rain shower, dry quickly and offer wind protection.
– Versatility: you can easily combine softshell jackets with other jackets and put them on for a wide range of activities, in cool to mild temperatures. Moreover, the New Matu and Fjord are so stylish that you can also wear them as casual wear.
– Easy to maintain: softshell fabrics are long-lasting, easy to wash in the washing machine and dry quickly.

3. Update: Unisex Taraq Two

The new must-have for dog owners who love sleek, versatile and warmth is definitely the Taraq Two. This updated version of the eponymous winter parka comes with a contemporary cut and is of course made of high-quality materials, so it will last for years. Suitable for women and men, the jacket offers optimal protection from the elements without compromising on style. The outdoor jacket is equipped with handy back pocket, treat pocket, poop bag dispenser and reflective elements. In short: comfort, style and practicality! Ideal for the last cold days of the year.

4. New colours Arctic and Albany

Of course, in Owney Outdoor’s new brochure you will find the new colours Owney Outdoor announced earlier: Kamin Red for the winter parka Arctic and Petrol for the hooded Albany parka. The deep red colour adds extra warmth to the pleasant winter parka; the Arctic is equipped with high-quality insulation and is bulging with useful accessories, such as a poop bag dispenser and removable reward pouch.
The Albany parka goes for cosy and stylish with the new colour petrol. A stylish colour that gives this versatile parka an extra modern edge.

Get the brochure!

Of course, you can’t do without these new bestsellers in your store! So get them soon – or order the brochure in bulk to inspire customers. Of course, you can mail your order to orders@noho.nl, but faster and easier ordering is done via Owney Outdoor’s B2B webshop!

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