DOG Copenhagen presents a completely new assortment

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DOG Copenhagen presents a completely new assortment

Our website states that DOG Copenhagen loves to innovate. This is evident again, with the Danish dog brand launching a completely new assortment in which all (!) existing products have received an upgrade. And the icing on the cake; they are also launching two new products: the Urban Rope ™ Leash and the Pouch Organizer ™ Leash bag.

New! New! New!

New lightweight aluminum carabiners, a new model of Duraflex ™ buckle, new gray straps (and highly visible handles), new metal parts with beautiful coating and new plastic parts: these are – in short – the updates to the existing products of DOG Copenhagen. With this, the Danish manufacturer makes its already extremely strong dog harnesses, collars and leashes even more robust. And the distinction with the old collection is easy to make, because on all updated products you’ll find the new logo of DOG Copenhagen.

Urban Rope ™ Leash and Pouch Organizer

DOG Copenhagen also proudly introduces two brand new products to the new collection:

– Urban Rope Leash 

A lightweight and reflective dog leash for everyday use. 160cm long and made of soft and durable nylon rope. The leash is finished with a comfortable handle, lined with neoprene. The belt is available with a diameter of 8mm and 11mm and in the colors black, red, green, brown, blue, orange, purple and pink.

– Pouch Organizer Leash bag

An ultra-smart treat bag with two compartments and built-in bag dispenser that you can easily attach to all DOG Copenhagen leashes. This way you can easily take dog treats and dog bags with you and you still have a separate compartment for your keys,. The bag is 14 cm long, 6 cm wide and 3 cm high and available in the colors black, red, green, brown, blue, orange, purple and pink.

Check the new DOG Copenhagen collection!

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