Useful how-to videos by DOG Copenhagen

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Useful how-to videos by DOG Copenhagen

Are you ever in doubt whether you are recommending the right size harness from DOG Copenhagen? Or how to take off the harness in a comfortable way for the dog? No worries, because DOG Copenhagen has created helpful videos to clear up all your doubts. You can play the videos in your store, use them on your website or on your social channels. And especially for stores with French-speaking customers, NOHO has provided French subtitles.

Three fine harnesses

DOG Copenhagen offers two types of collars, three types of leashes and three types of harnesses. Both the Comfort Walk Pro, Comfort Walk Air and Comfort Walk Go harnesses from DOG Copenhagen are made of durable, lightweight, stain- and water-resistant materials and have soft breathable padding. These three harnesses are easy to put on and the dog feels very comfortable in the harnesses, no matter the activity.

Comfort Walk Pro

The Comfort Walk Pro Harness is a strong and lightweight harness for everyday use. The harness has an easy-to-grip handle and two leash attachment options; one on the dog’s back (for everyday walks) and one on the chest (for added control and flexibility).

How-to videos

Comfort Walk Air

The Comfort Walk Air harness is a strong and lightweight harness for everyday use. Because you can easily open and close the neck strap, this harness is very great for dogs who don’t like it when you put a harness on over their head.

How-to videos

Comfort Walk Go

The Comfort Walk Go Harness is a comfortable step-in harness especially for small and medium-sized dogs no matter the activity. The adjustable straps, large Velcro panel and 3D shape ensure safe walks and good fit to the dog’s body shape.

How-to videos

Tip: Download all the videos with French subtitles here: 

Not getting the hang of it?

Do you still have questions about fitting and putting the harnesses by DOG Copenhagen on despite these helpful videos? Of course we are here for you: call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email

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