Cooldog: the cool jackets for active dogs

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Cooldog: the cool jackets for active dogs

We all like a beautiful summer! But not without a warning to your customers, because most four-legged friends have a hard time in the summer heat. That is why EQDOG came up with the Cooldog. Whether you leave for Costa Rica, get stuck in traffic on the Route du Soleil or take a long walk at beach: your dog will not get overheated thanks to this special cooling coat.

Dogs and high temperatures

Dogs and heat are not a good combination. Dogs can only lose their warmth through the soles of their feet and by panting. If a dog starts panting, drooling, or becomes sluggish, it may be because of the heat. A dog can even fall into a coma and die if the body temperature rises too far. Especially with old dogs and dogs with very short noses, the risk of overheating is high. You can prevent overheating, for example, by not walking your dog during the hottest hours of the day. Rather go in the morning or in the evening and get plenty of cool fresh water. (Also read: 8 cooling tips for pets).

Pay attention! In the heat, asphalt and sand will become very hot and that can cause your dog’s paws harm. Walk on grass as much as possible and regularly check the dog’s paws. With worn out paws, dog shoes from, for example, EQDOG might offer a solution.

Prevent overheating

Overactive dogs or dogs that overheat quickly can be helped with a cool coat. Most cooling jackets provide an accelerated evaporation effect, but the Cooldog from EQDOG does more thanks to the special layer of ACO-DRY®. This material cools itself and that gives a double effect: not only the evaporation, but also the cooling layer cause the dog’s body temperature to fall. In addition, the Cooldog provides a more long-term cooling than the average cooling jacket.

Did you know? 

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Want to know more? Or order immediately?

We are more than willing to share more information on the Cooldog from EQDOG! But it is of course possible to start ordering straight away! Give us a call at +31(0)6 109 104 63 or send us a mail via

Cooldog biedt dankzij haar dubbele werking de beste verkoeling in de zomer

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