For a happy summer holiday and safe sailing

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For a happy summer holiday and safe sailing

The Netherlands is of course a water country par excellence, with all the canals, lakes, rivers and location by the sea. Spending the summer holidays in the Low Countries means you might be enjoying a holiday home by the water, take up water sports or go floating on a boat. Of course you want your best buddy to come with you. EQDOG makes sure you can: they provide the best accessories so your dog too can enjoy a holiday around the water.

Pro Life Vest saves dogs lives

Whether you’ll go swimming, sailing or supping with the dog, a dog life jacket is always recommended for water sports. Many dogs become wildly enthusiastic about water and in that enthusiasm they can easily forget that swimming takes up a lot of energy. Or they forget that they can’t swim very well –old age can also make swimming more difficult for dogs. In case of fatigue, hypothermia or when panicked, the dog can get into real trouble. Definitely in those cases the EQDOG Pro Life Vest can be a lifesaver. This lightweight life jacket fits like a glove and ensures optimal freedom of movement – ​​in and out of the water. Does the dog fall off the boat while sailing and gets hit by a panic attack? Thanks to the striking colors and reflections, you’ll have quickly spotted the dog and lifted the dog out of the water. Simply use the handle on the vest, which has a carrying capacity of no less than 180 kilos. The wide flaps on the stomach provide sufficient support and comfort for the dog while lifting.

High-tech life jacket

The EQDOG Pro Life Vest is a high-tech life jacket for dogs. That means it is completely waterproof. In addition, it is wear and tear resistant thanks to the thermoform. The outside consists of laminated PVC and the inside of EVA foam. This ensures a close fit for the dog, but also makes sure that the dog stays afloat. Because this support is also incorporated in the wide belly band, the dog remains stable in the water and can swim very comfortably. And that of course increases the water fun and time spent in the water. The reflective elements provide good visibility and the adjustable and fur-friendly Velcro ensures that the life jacket fits perfectly.

With the Pro Life Vest by EQDOG dogs too can safely enjoy watersports.

Cooling down for hot heads

The summer heat can be a risk for many dogs – also check out our 8 cool-down tips for pets. That’s why every year, the Cool Vest by EQDOG is a resounding success. Fortunately, they are back in stock this year, because extreme temperatures are becoming more common, even in the Netherlands. This cooling vest helps dogs cool down quickly. Especially very young and older dogs are sensitive to high temperatures and need that cooling badly. The EQDOG Cool Vest owes its great success to the use of innovative materials and the streamlined design. Unlike other cooling mats or cooling vests, the EQDOG Cool Vest does not contain any dangerous gel. It is made of a safe material that you only need to wet. The vest thus cools down by means of moisture evaporation, which ensures rapid heat dissipation. As long as the vest is wet, the dog is cooled down.

Stock up on dog accessories from EQDOG?

Do you want to ensure that dogs spend their holiday near the water safely and comfortably? Then make sure to stock up on the Pro Life Vest and Cool Vest from EQDOG: call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email to place orders.

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