Lifesavers for the Summer

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Lifesavers for the Summer

The temperature usually rise considerably in May. So it will soon be wonderful to stroll in the warm summer sun and perhaps relax on a sun-drenched terrace. But for dogs, hot (spring) summer days can cause a lot of stress. So check your stock of lifesaving summer products now: can you help dogs cope with the heat?

Dog and heat

Warm days are not always good news for dogs. They can only sweat through the soles of the feet. And furthermore, with their tongues in the air – so panting – they can try to cool their warm blood a bit. Due to their warm coat, they heat up faster than humans and they cool down less easily. Your four-legged friend can therefore use some help to cool down in the heat. Especially since overheating can have serious consequences for dogs. When overheated, the proteins in their blood clot. As a result, the brain receives too little blood and therefore too little oxygen, which can lead to shock, coma or even death. It is therefore extremely important for dogs to cool down sufficiently.

Plenty to drink

When dogs pant, they lose a lot of moisture. Therefore, make sure there is always enough drinking water nearby, even if you take a walk together to prevent the dog from drinking dirty, stagnant water. The foldable Travel Bowl from EQDOG makes enough and safe drinking on the go easy for your dog. In the Bandee waist bag: pouch + you always have enough space for the folded water bowl and a bottle of water.

Duik in het water

Your dog will of course find the ultimate cooling off in the water. But a dip in the sea or in a river is not without risks. Moreover, dogs are also not able to cope with a long swim and play in a lake. Many dogs forget in their enthusiasm that swimming is much more intensive than running; For a dog, a 5-minute swim equals running 8 kilometers. That is why the EQDOG Pro Life Vest offers a solution. The life jacket helps the dog float, without impeding freedom of movement, and makes it clearly visible.

Cooling down

EQDOG brings one of the most effective ways to help your dog cool down in the heat: Cool Dog. Due to the high temperatures in recent summers, this cooling vest was more popular than ever. This cooling vest works longer than other variants and works very simply – just moisten and the evaporation ensures cooling. Moreover, the Cool Dog does not contain a toxic gel pack, so dogs are not at risk while playing.

Great timing

Smart dog owners don’t get out and about during the hottest times of the day in the summer. Also during Covid time it is wiser not to show up at the dog playground during peak hours. A cool walk – which the dog also needs to get enough exercise – is preferably done in the early morning or in the evening hours. In that twilight, visibility is of course extra important. With the yellow lights of Orbiloc you can enjoy a safe and fresh evening or morning walk. This color of lights is extra visible at dusk. In addition, Orbiloc has other eye-catching color lights that work well when the sun is down or should come up.

Pre-order promotion Orbiloc

Do not forget: Orbiloc has a special pre-order promotion until May 15, where you will receive a discount if you place orders on time. Would you like to know more about the benefits and conditions of the pre-order? Or do you want to help dog owners with other lifesaving summer products? Call us at +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or send an email to

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