The new musthave Bandee by Owney

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The new musthave Bandee by Owney

In our previous newsletter, we proudly introduced the new Bandee by Owney The Bandee: pouch +, a new must-have for every dog ​​lover. Immediately after sending the newsletter, the orders poured in. Did you miss the introduction? These are the 3 main advantages of the new belt bag.

Advantage 1: Ultimate freedom of movement

The Bandee: pouch + is cleverly designed so that the waist bag never gets in the way while walking or running, and you can still take the necessary items with you. For this you can use two outside bags – dimensions: 18 (width) x 19 (height) x 3.5 (depth) cm – and two hidden compartments with zipper on the inside. With the Bandee: pouch + you can easily take your keys, mobile phone, cards, dog treats, poop bags and a bottle of water with you. And a folded poncho or water bowl also fits easily!

Advantage 2: Easily adjustable

De Bandee: pouch+ is available in four different sizes with the following width;

  • Small 81 – 89 cm 
  • Medium 90 – 98 cm 
  • Large 99 – 106 cm 
  • XLarge 107 -120 cm

The margin per size means the waist bag is very easy to adjust thanks to the Velcro. So wether you wearing a thick jacket or not? Chances are that you can still wear the same size Bandee: pouch +!

Advantage 3: Clever materials

The Bandee: pouch + was invented by the bright minds behind Owney Outdoor. Their years of experience ensure smart choices, also when it comes to the use of materials. As a result, the Bandee: pouch + is made from the eco-friendly Neoprene. That material is also lightweight and dirt-resistant. In other words: you don’t feel a heavy, sticky band around the hips after a day of walking or running for hours with the Bandee: pouch +. And you don’t have to use the washing machine after each use.

Want to know more? 

You don’t have to be an official Owney Outdoor reseller tp offer the Bandee: pouch +. Want to know more? Then you can now place your order or request a sample pouch (limited quantities: give us a call at +31 (0) 6 109 104 63 or e-mail us at

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