Prepare for summer!

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Prepare for summer!

Summer is expected to be very warm and dry for the third year in a row. Last summer we already saw that due to the tropical temperatures, articles that cool dogs will ‘sell like hotcakes’. As deliveries may be delayed due to the corona crisis it is advisable to order in time!

Cool Dog by EQDOG
EQDOG‘s high-quality Cool Dog is safer than most other cooling vests because it is does not use a toxic gel pack. In addition, the Cool Dog actually helps the dog to cool for a long time, thanks to the special high-tech material that breathes, absorbs moisture and ensures rapid dissipation of moisture and heat. All you have to do is moisten the jacket. The body is cooled by evaporating the moisture. So as long as the jacket is damp, the dog will cool down.

User-friendly and streamlined design
The cooling jacket is easy to put on and take off, has two adjustable buckles and a zipper on the front. That also makes the Cool Dog perfect for dogs with a wider neck. The streamlined design offers a perfect fit. So make sure you measure the dog well:

choose the right size

Foldable water bowl
Wherever you go, a folding water bowl also seems essential for all dog owners this summer. EQDOG has the extremely light Travel Bowl for this purpose. It is easy to fold, space-saving and therefore easy to store. EQDOG has of course thought carefully about the design. The Travel Bowl has a flexible stainless steel ring that ensures that the water bowl stays up when filled. In addition, the bottom of the bowl is larger than the opening. Therefore, he can not fall over if your dog enthusiastically quenches his thirst. The fully taped seams are waterproof and the two handles make the bowl easy to carry, even when full. When folded, you put the Travel Bowl in a small zip pocket that is made of mesh on one side. This allows any residual moisture to escape and prevents the water trough from becoming moldy.

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The absolute bestseller is the superior cooling coat for dogs, the Cool Dog from EQDOG

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