A new Pomppa season is dawning

Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

A new Pomppa season is dawning

According to weather experts, it is already autumn! You will definitely notice that soon with more rain showers and lower temperatures. So it’s high time to grab Pomppa‘s dog coats out of the cupboard! Make sure you have enough coats and colours in stock! NOHO agency offers a handy overview of which dog coat or dog jumper you are going to need and when.

For when it gets colder

Is it not yet cold enough for a real coat, but still pretty chilly? Then Pomppa has handy in-between solutions – which you can also combine with the dog coats later for when it gets really cold:

– JumppaPomppa: an anti-static and lint-free pull-on jumper that is easy to put on and stays perfectly in place.

– Pomppa Tube Scarf: a super handy circular scarf that keeps the ears and neck nice and warm for both dog and owner!

For rainy days

Especially for rainy days, Pomppa has two types of mackintoshes that protect against rain and wind — as well as staying perfectly in place during sports and play:

– SadePomppa: a lightweight mackintosh that your dog can wear all year round.

– KevytPomppa: a comfortable mackintosh that, thanks to its thin, anti-static inner layer, is perfect for when it gets a bit colder.

For when it gets really cold

When it gets even colder, Pomppa offers three types of dog coats that keep your dog warm — and offer optimal freedom of movement thanks to the fine fit:

– PerusPomppa: an all-round coat with waterproof top layer, reflectors in the collar and on the hips and anti-static teddy inner layer.

– ToppaPomppa: a thickly padded winter jacket with waterproof top layer, well-insulating padding and anti-static teddy inner layer that protects against (freezing) cold.

Go the extra mile

Do you like helping your customers along the way? Then make sure you know:

which type of coat best suits which type of dog fur

how to put on a Pomppa coat

how to put on the JumppaPomppa

Any questions? Time to place an order?

NOHO agency is always at your service: call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email info@noho.nl.

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