New: harness opening in Pomppa dog coats

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New: harness opening in Pomppa dog coats

Did you know that Pomppa works with Pompassadeurs? Those are dog owners who test new dog coats and innovations from the Finnish quality brand. Recently, they were allowed to test an important new feature and it was very enthusiastically received and approved: a harness opening! This allows your dog to wear a harness and stay warm (and/or dry) thanks to the dog coat!

Thoughtful addition

Pomppa always wants the best for dog owners and their furry friends. That is why the brand keeps evolving, always looking for the ultimate in wearing comfort and the most practical dog coat, which you can easily take off and put on. This time, they came up with a smart harness opening. This new feature is more than just a handy new detail; it’s a thoughtful feature of their dog coats. The harness opening is now available in all Pomppa coats in Lime, Plum and Graphite colours.

No more hassling with the harness

Wearing a dog coat is nice and cosy for the dog, but many dog owners think that it is mainly a lot of ‘hassle’ when you want to put on, fasten and take off the coat. This is more often the case with dog owners who make their dog wear a harness. However, Pomppa’s dog coats are very easy to use: you simply put a coat on over the head thanks to the generous collar, cover the back and belly and clip the leash around the waist – see also the instruction video. And now you don’t need to take off the harness either! Even with the harness opening, you don’t have to work with zips or buttons.

Practical and streamlined

The new harness opening is nicely hidden on the back of the jacket under an overlap, so the dog does not suffer from a cold opening. Even rainwater does not get a chance to drip inside. The strategically placed opening takes into account different types of harnesses, both short and long. So no matter which harness you put on, the leash is always easy to attach through the dog coat. The result? A seamless integration between harness and dog coat. This is not only nice and practical, but also provides a streamlined and stylish look. And don’t use a harness for once? Then you can just use the same dog coat.

From teacup dachshund to German shepherd

The KevytPomppa, PerusPomppa, ToppaPomppa and SadePomppa are all available with the brand new harness opening. In addition, these dog coats are all also simply available without the harness opening. The clever thing about Pomppa’s dog coats is that a wide variety of dog breeds and sizes have been taken into account. This makes the dog coats suitable for a wide range of four-legged friends. Whether you have a small teacup dachshund or a large German shepherd, the coats come in different sizes with or without harness openings and always fit like a glove.

Benefit now: pre-order discount

Complete your range of Pomppa dog coats and order the new KevytPomppa, PerusPomppa, ToppaPomppa and SadePomppa with harness opening as soon as possible! If you place your order for the 2024-2025 season via the B2B webshop by 31 January at the latest, you will benefit from an attractive discount!

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