Pomppa celebrates with Femton

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Pomppa celebrates with Femton

It’s party time at Pomppa this month, as the Finnish brand is celebrating its 15th anniversary! They are celebrating with a limited edition version of one of their biggest successes: the JumppaPomppa. This dog sweater is now temporarily available in the festive Femton print. This anniversary pattern is a limited edition. So you have to be quick to get your hands on this celebration sweater.

Big steps
With the limited edition print Femton, Pomppa is reflecting on the past fifteen years (Femton means fifteen in Swedish). In this, the Finnish brand has made great strides: it started in 2007 with the PerusPomppa, born out of the need to finally make a good dog coat that you can use for dog sports. A year later, the Pomppa brand was first introduced to the general public at the Agility World Championships in Helsinki with the Sade, Perus, Toppa and PikaPomppa. The dog coats proved to be an instant success and over the years Pomppa grew into a trusted name.

Sustainable ambitions
In recent years, Pomppa has looked at what dog owners and their dogs need, and perfected their designs accordingly. This has included an immediate focus on sustainability. Pomppa is now a leader in sustainability within the dog products industry. In two years, the company plans to use only renewable or recycled materials in the production of its dog coats, and by 2035, Pomppa aims to be completely carbon neutral. All new products are already being designed for the circular economy; in other words, all the used materials will be recyclable. The life cycle of the dog coats themselves will also be extended and through the platform RePomppa you can order or offer used dog coats.

The stunning JumppaPomppa

The choice of the limited edition print for the JumppaPomppa does not come out of the blue. This dog sweater is an absolute best seller, because the sweater is super convenient and easy to use on chilly days in spring and fall. The dog sweater is also an asset in a harsh winter, as it fits under all of Pomppa’s dog coats. The JumppaPomppa is very popular among dogs and dog owners because this sweater stays perfectly in place, the fabric does not become static and warms the dog without getting in the way. That’s why it’s an absolute must have three seasons of the year. The dog sweater is available in as many as 7 colors, and now temporarily also in the Femton print.

Enthusiastic about Pomppa?
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