Celebrating the New Year with a bang? 6 tips for our furry friends!

Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

Celebrating the New Year with a bang? 6 tips for our furry friends!

You may already be looking forward to gourmet meals at Christmas and champagne at New Year’s Eve. Many four-legged friends also look forward to the extra sweets during these days, but are horrified inside and outside by the noise of fireworks in the streets. So make sure that not only you, but also your faithful four-legged friend gets through New Year’s Eve comfortably and without too much stress. We offer six tips:

1. Shut out fireworks

Fireworks belong outside! So make sure you close windows and close curtains tightly to reduce the impact of the bangs and lights.

2. Create a ‘Safe Haven’

Create a special place where your dog feels safe. This can be an enclosed space with his favorite blanket. For example, EQDOG offers a comfy Sleeper (see brochure). Also, the enveloping feel of a doggy sweater like JumppaPomppa can be soothing and comforting for some dogs. Leave the ‘Safe Haven’ door ajar so your dog can come and go as he pleases.

3. Put on music

Use ambient sounds to mask the fireworks noise. For example, put on quiet music. A recent study concluded that reggae, soft rock and classical music calm dogs the most. A white noise machine can also help distract from bangs. This is also sometimes used to help babies fall asleep, and adults with sleep problems often take advantage of it as well.

4. Stay with your dog

Going to visit family or friends? Don’t leave your dog alone at home. Rather, invite guests to your home. Is that not an option? And is the dog not allowed in the room with you? Then ask if there is an indoor area where the dog can stay, so you are nearby and he can hear you. Visit your dog friend regularly, talk to him and a soothing pets. Your presence and hearing your voice can already be reassuring.

5. Distraction toys

Keep your dog distracted with interactive toys. chew toys or food puzzles can help distract your dog’s attention from popping fireworks. Focusing on something positive can reduce their anxiety and can even cause your furry friend to develop a positive association with New Year’s Eve.

6. Hit the streets safely

Of course, you can’t keep your dog inside around New Year’s Eve. Make sure you walk the dog well before the fireworks – but no later than 10 pm – and make sure you are highly visible with Orbiloc’s dog lights. This can prevent accidents. Do you have a dog that tries anxiously to run away or will try to get off its leash? With DOG Copenhagen‘s harnesses, you’ll prevent runaways and lost dogs.

Monitor and enjoy
With these tips, hopefully you will help your furry friend survive New Year’s Eve calmly and comfortably! Especially with anxious dogs, monitor their eating and drinking behavior. In fact, anxious dogs can lose their appetite. In that case, make sure there is plenty of water and offer easily digestible food. Have fun and hopefully a stress-free New Year’s Eve!

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