Skagen Food Bar: high quality now for a lower price

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Skagen Food Bar: high quality now for a lower price

At NOHO agency, we want to offer only the highest quality products that are functional, but also stylish and durable – and at a friendly price. DOG Copenhagen’s Skagen Food Bar is now available at a discounted price, and we’re happy to share why this food bar is one of our favorite new innovations from the Danish brand.

  • Stylish and functional design

DOG Copenhagen is known for its superior quality and innovative design. This is no different with the Skagen Food Bar. The Danish brand combined within the bowl elegant, Scandinavian design with practical functionality. The clean lines and minimalist design fit perfectly into any interior, making it not only a handy utensil, but also a stylish addition to your home.

  • Durability and stability

This food bowl is made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability and stability. As a result, the food bowl will last a long time and the smart, sturdy construction ensures that the food bowl stays in place even when your dog is enthusiastically eating.

  • A bowl for every dog

The Skagen Food Bar is available in different sizes. As a result, there is always the right height and size food bar for every kind of dog – big or small. The food bar thus promotes a healthy eating position, which is important as it prevents unnecessary weight on joints and muscles while eating.

  • Easy to clean

Hygiene is hugely important with food and water bowls. You want to make sure your favorite four-legged friend is getting a healthy meal, and the Skagen Food Bar helps with that. The designer food bar is easy to clean and you can simply put the removable stainless steel bowls in the dishwasher!

Now with price reduction
Choosing quality should of course be affordable. That’s why we looked at making efficiencies in the production process of the Skagen Food Bar, and that is why the high-quality food bowl is now available at a lower price! Now is the perfect time to invest in a quality food bar that not only supports your dog’s health and well-being, but also looks great in any home.

Want to place an order?
We will gladly send you an order form: mail to Then don’t forget to browse through the DOG Copenhagen brochure first. Because in it you will find many more excellent dog harnesses and leashes.

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