EQDOG provides 4 refreshments in the summer

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EQDOG provides 4 refreshments in the summer

Perhaps in the summer you seek coolness by the air conditioning or ventilator. Maybe you regularly swim in the sea or in a swimming pool. Or you drink liters of iced tea underneath a parasol. But how do you help your dog through the sweltering summer? Fortunately, EQDOG helps faithful four-legged friends get through a hot summer with four different ingenious dog accessories.

1. Dog shoes

Did you know that asphalt can heat up tremendously fast? At an outside temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, asphalt can reach a temperature of 50 degrees. And when it gets tropically warm, asphalt can even reach over 60 degrees. You can often feel that in your own footwear, but how do you think that warm asphalt feels to dog paws? If travelling via paving stones or grass is not an option, then dog shoes in summer can be a solution. EQDOG’s dog shoes are easy to put on and take off, but stay on firmly. They have good grip and the super fiber shoe sole protects tender dog feet from unpleasant and even painful temperatures.

2. Life Vest

Dogs love water and especially if you are into water sports yourself or like to cool off in the water, a life vest for your dog can be a smart idea. The Life Vest from EQDOG is made of non-absorbent materials, has a great fit and is equipped with a convenient handle that allows you to lift up to 170 kilos. In addition, and most importantly, the life vest helps the dog float in the water. That’s important because swimming is much more intense than running; 5 minutes in the water is equal for a dog to 8 kilometers of running. Therefore, a life jacket is a must for those who swim with their dog this summer. EQDOG offers a Classic Life Vest in orange and dark gray and the reflective Pro Life Vest for very active dogs in the water.

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3. Cool vest

Many people choose to use a wet towel to cool down the dog. However, those who put a damp towel over the dog actually prevent the heat from escaping. A cooling vest can be the ideal tool for your dog to cool down. But: many cooling vests are made of materials that are toxic, which makes them unsuitable for dogs who like to chew their clothes. The Cool Dog from EQDOG is a cooling vest that is made of non-hazardous materials. The vest you make wet and provides long-term cooling thanks to the special layer ACO-DRY®. This material cools itself and ensures, together with the evaporation of the water in the vest, that the body temperature of the dog drops.

4. Ready-to-go water bowl

Fresh drinking water is very important, especially in a sweltering summer. To be on the safe side, it is therefore wise to set up several water bowls in the house during warm weather – possibly with a few ice cubes in them every now and then. Also when you go out with the dog, drinking is important. Because it is precisely then that your dog’s body needs more cooling. With the Travel Bowl from EDDOG, you always have a water bowl at hand. The bowl weighs only 70 grams and, thanks to the handy size of 12 centimeters folded, you can take it anywhere. Once unfolded, the water bowl has a diameter of 27 centimeters.

Extra tip Does your dog not feel like drinking? Try adding some carrot juice, chicken broth or pieces of fruit to the water.

Cool off with EQDOG?

In addition to these clever coolers, EQDOG also makes high-quality harnesses and leashes for dogs. Would you like to place an order after looking at the catalog? You can do so by emailing info@noho.nl or calling +31 (0)6 109 104 63.

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