Four seasons, one optimal protection for dog paws

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Four seasons, one optimal protection for dog paws

As a dog lover, you naturally want to ensure dogs’ well-being all year round, regardless of the season. That’s where EQDOG‘s 4 Season Shoes step in; these dog shoes are ideal in all weather conditions. Let’s walk through all the seasons:

Spring: ergonomic design and durable materials

It can freeze and it can thaw, but one thing is certain in spring: the salt brine has not yet disappeared from many a road surface. Especially now, EQDOG’s dog shoes are important to wear to protect against that corrosive salt. Also, after the dark months, it is precisely in this season that you want to take long walks, when temperatures are still comfortable. Then it’s important that your dog can count on the ergonomic design of the 4 Season Shoes. These dog shoes ensure a good fit and support, while the durable material resists wear and tear, even with regular use.

Did you know that at an outside temperature of 25 degrees Celsius asphalt can reach a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius? Fortunately, EQDOG offers cooling and protection with its 4 Season Shoes.

Summer: breathable comfort for warm adventures

Summer often brings warmer temperatures, and that means your dog’s paws need protection. Because paving stones, but especially asphalt, can get pretty hot, which can even burn their feet. The 4 Season Shoes offer protection against exactly that. At the same time, they are designed with breathable material, preventing your dog from overheating. Whether it is a walk through the woods, a day at the beach or just playing in the park, these dog shoes provide the necessary comfort and protection.

Did you know that EQDOG’s dog shoes save lives? The 4 Season Shoes are used by Security, Rescue, Police and Army forces from all over the world!

Autumn: grip on slippery paths

With autumn comes rain, and thus muddy paws and slippery paths. The 4 Season Shoes keep dog paws from getting muddy and are equipped with a non-slip sole, allowing your dog to keep a firm grip even on very slippery walkways. Especially for dogs with sensitive hips, this can prevent nasty falls and pains. With the 4 Season Shoes, you can let your dog enjoy wonderful autumn walks without a care in the world.

Winter: protection against salt and freezing cold

In winter, it is not just brine salt on pavements and roads that poses a potential danger to dogs’ sensitive pads. Ice, snow and freezing temperatures create icy lumps between toes and dangerously slippery roads. The 4 Season Shoes provide a protective barrier against this and offers grip on slippery surfaces. The insulating properties of the dog shoes keep your dog’s feet warm and dry.

Absolute must-have

EQDOG’s 4 Season Shoes give your furry friend the protection they deserve all year round! Order them quickly via EQDOG’s B2B webshop or mail your order by via

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