Fun in the sun: summer activities with your dog

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Fun in the sun: summer activities with your dog

Not going on vacation this summer? Or did you come back way too soon? No worries, you can also enjoy the summer vacation with your dog in your home country. NOHO agency gives tips for doggy proof summer activities.

To the water

Do you have a lake or river nearby? Treat your dog to a day in, on or by the water! The vast majority of dogs love water and are very good at ‘paddling’ through the water – always check this when you first let your dog into the water and use a life jacket like EQDOG’s Pro Life Vest. Especially during hot summer days, when the humidity is high, swimming or another water activity can be a great way to let your dog cool off and get some much-needed exercise. When doing water sports, don’t forget to bring Orbiloc Safety Lights* for extra high visibility.

To the (dog) beach

There is almost no dog that does not go wild when going the beach. But try to go to the beach in the morning or in the evening. During the day, the sand can be too hot for the foot pads and the dog may overheat. When going for a walk on the beach, you really can’t go without the Bandee: pouch+ from Bandee by Owney. This waist bag allows you to carry everything you need without lugging a bag on your back or in your hand.

To the (dog)park

Do you have a dog with very good social skills at your home? Then give him or her time to make new friends this summer. Go beyond the usual walk around the neighborhood and visit a (different) city park or area where dogs are allowed. While doing so, pay attention to whether a special field is set up for dogs. On GoogleMaps, for example, you can search for ‘dog park’ or ‘dog walking area’. That way you can let your dog play nicely with other four-legged friends – and meet another human yourself. Especially for young dogs, this social interaction with unfamiliar dogs and new people is important.

To the backyard

Of course you can enjoy summer together at home! For example, put a doggy pool in the front yard, backyard or balcony. Playing with the garden hose or a special water sprayer for dogs can also provide (hours of) fun. And bonus: this also cools down the dog. There is one risk though; your dog will run inside enthusiastically and try to dry himself on the walls or furniture. Therefore, make sure you have a Doggy Dry bathrobe from EQDOG at the ready. That will save a lot of stains!

To the store!

Make sure you’re well prepared for summer! The bathrobe, safety lights, waist bag and robe can’t be missing from your assortment. Do you want more tips? Call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email

*we represent Orbiloc in Benelux, not France..

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