On vacation with your dog: here’s how you do it!

Tim DoedijnsByTim Doedijns

On vacation with your dog: here’s how you do it!

Want to take the dog on vacation (again) this year? Dog-friendly travel seems a challenge, but at NOHO agency we are happy to show you the way to a relaxing, comfortable and safe vacation for you and the dog – because of course you also want your dog to enjoy the vacation.

Of course, vacationing with the dog starts with coming up with a dog-friendly destination that also suits your dog. To do this, consider your dog’s personality and breed. Dogs with thick fur often don’t like heat. Therefore, it is better to not book a vacation at a summer beach resort. Other dogs, on the other hand, love to spend time on the beach. Does your dog go mad for water? Then check if there is a river, lake or sea nearby and if you can do water sports activities with the dog there. Most dogs are completely at home in a forested area, especially if they also like hiking. But mountain hiking is less suitable for a dog with short legs.

Caution! Some countries have strict requirements for traveling with certain dog breeds. For example, whether a muzzle, certain vaccines or how big the transporter must be. Sometimes certain breeds are even not welcome at all. Check the rules per country before you go!

Accommodation and going out

It is getting easier and easier to find dog-friendly accommodation. Always check the reviews to see if at the accommodation they not only tolerate dogs but also love them. For example, pay attention to whether you see a water bowl at the reception and an area where dogs can run loose. The more the dog enjoys the vacation, the more you can enjoy it too. On vacation, you will probably spend more time with your dog than usual. Before you leave, think about what your dog likes, whether it’s sleeping, sniffing or running, and how you can do that on vacation. Maybe you can float on a lake together, go boating, explore a nature park or a historic city center.

Luggage checklist

Make sure you take the following with you on vacation with the dog:

  • Dog passport: get it at your veterinarian.
  • Vaccination certificate: are all vaccinations still valid? At least 21 days before departure, your dog must be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Tapeworm treatment: in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Norway and Finland, treatment against tapeworms by the veterinarian is mandatory.
  • Medications: deworming tablets are a no-brainer. Also consider treatment against ticks and itchy sandflies.
  • Favorite dog treats
  • Favorite toys
  • List of local veterinarians
  • For mountain hiking: 4Season dog shoes from EDQOG
  • For water sports: ProLife life jacket from EQDOG
  • For cooling down: Cool Dog cooling vest from EQDOG
  • For on the go: foldable water bowl Travel Bowl from EQDOG

Need more tips?

At NOHO agency we are always here for you! Call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email info@noho.nl for more tips or information on the products listed.

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