Ensuring a cool summer

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Ensuring a cool summer

In recent summers, temperatures could soar – and that’s not good news for your faithful four-legged friend. Dogs can only release heat through the soles of their feet and by panting, so they are limited in that in ways of cooling down. And overheating can have serious consequences, including heat stroke. So make sure you are well prepared for summer heat. These tips and tools will help you get your dog through the summer comfortably and safely!

1. Hydration

Make sure your pet always has access to fresh water: place several water bowls in your home and yard – and change the water regularly! Going for a walk? Be sure to carry a water bottle for the dog as well. With the Bandee:pouch+ waist bag, you’ll always have everything at hand, while keeping your hands free. EQDOG supplies a handy Travel Bowl that is easy to fill with up to 4 liters of water (or food) and then easily folds up again.

2. Shadow and ventilation

Cooling down is done, of course, by keeping the sun out. Create shaded areas in your home, garden and/or balcony, but also make sure you ventilate well in your home. For example, open windows and doors early in the morning or late at night. Ventilation is important for air quality and helps remove heated air and bring cooler air into the house. A thick coat can also trap heat unnecessarily. Therefore, brush regularly to remove excess fur. This can help dogs regulate their body temperature.

3. Get coolvests

Every year there is a huge run on EQDOG’s Cooldog, which has a special layer of ACO-DRY® that provides long-term cooling. The cooling coat is specially designed to prevent overheating for active dogs and safely lower body temperature for an extended period of time – without harmful substances in the lining. This is different from the vast majority of cooling mats and cooling coats. These coats cool for long periods of time by evaporation thanks to the safe layer of ACO-DRY®.

4. Take the plunge

Swimming is a great way for your dog to cool off, but don’t forget that this is also very active exercise – and not every dog has the same level of fitness or can swim that well. EQDOG has thought about that too: with their Pro Life Vest, you can make sure your dog can cool off safely in the river, sea or lake!

5. Reschedule activities

It is incredibly important for dogs to keep moving. Plan long walks in the early morning hours or when the sun is down. While doing so, keep an eye out for safety with the Orbiloc Safety Lights. These waterproof, sturdy safety lights increase your dog’s visibility during walks at dusk or night, as well as during water sports activities. They easily attach to a harness, collar or life jacket, keeping your dog highly visible at all times and preventing accidents.

Anyway, avoid walks on hot asphalt or sand to avoid worn soles. Can’t go out with the dog other than during the day? Then use EQDOG’s 4Season dog shoes for extra protection of the sensitive soles.

Filling shelves?

Also want to make sure dogs enjoy the summer safely and comfortably? Then get yourself the Orbiloc Safety Lights, Cooldog cooling jackets, 4Season dog shoes and Pro Life vests. In addition, make it easy to take good care of dogs with the Bandee:pouch+ and the Travel Bowl from EQDOG. Want to know more about these products? Or would you like a demonstration: call +31(0)6 109 104 63 or email info@noho.nl.

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